7.18: Surprises and More

~ Tuesday ~
Dina and Dominic are expecting their 2nd child!
Titus and Mark celebrate birthdays!
Angelique has passed on.
Graciela, Kristine & Quinton mourn the loss of their mother.

Van’s Bachelor Party is tonight!

Van sets aside his workaholic tendencies and gives himself a quick pep talk … it’s okay to leave work on time and not go on an assignment. There is nothing that needs doing that can’t wait one more day. You deserve this, Van.
**he releases a breath and smiles at himself in the mirror**

His smile got bigger and brighter when he sees the text Khiara sent. “I’m working late tonight, but you better not be! Enjoy your party and have fun, honey. YOU deserve it!!”

Duncan hosts the party at Varg’s Tavern and calls their family & friends around to share well wishes and “give advice”. Much laughter can be heard throughout the building.

Van couldn’t help feeling a little concerned since a zombie crashed the party and the paparazzi follow him around. Not that he plans on doing something stupid, but it isn’t easy relaxing and “letting your hair down” when someone is there capturing every single moment.

Not only that, but this fellow seems determined to catch something juicy if Van is correct in interpreting his facial expression and body language.

Oh well. Let them watch a happy, deeply in love guy spread joy with a bit of the fizzy stuff. “No, don’t turn your head. You’re supposed to catch it in your mouth!”

The dancers have arrived. Whoop! Whoop!

The tips were abundant as were the food and drink, so the dancers stayed after their gig ended and partied like a rock star.

Eventually … all good things must come to an end.

Addy’s Note: Before we continue with what happens AFTER the party, let’s see what happened DURING the party …
and for that we need to head …
HOME <<< this IS a clickable link!

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