7.17: Ask the Right Question

~ Monday ~
Shanika begins dating Marlon Ivanov.
Katrina gives birth to a baby boy, Andres. Congratulations, Katrina and Conor!
Rae celebrates a birthday!

Khiara leaves work in time to see Paparazzi Ruben Gann beg the Grim Reaper to give him a second chance.

Seeing a moment like this has Khiara counting her blessings and wanting to spend an evening with Van and the kids. Maybe curl up on the couch to watch a comedy or something lighthearted.

Meanwhile at home …

Van asks his children what they think about his asking Khiara to marry him. Bell excitedly interrupts with, “Yes! You two are perfect for one another and she already is one of the family.” Ben agrees. “Now, Daddy,” Bell takes over the conversation again. “You need to do more than just ask her to marry you. Create the mood. Make the proposal romantic and memorable.”

Van leaves the room in a thoughtful mood.

“Ugh, Bell, have you been reading Simteen?”
“And what would you know about that, Ben?”
“Girls at school read that junk and giggle like a gaggle of geese. If I see a girl with that magazine and a smile on her face head towards me, I turn and go in the opposite direction!”

Bell rolls her eyes and tells Ben that perhaps he should read the magazine to get insight regarding females or he’ll continue going stag to school dances.

Their escalating squabble ends upon hearing the doorbell chime.

Braden Madeiros stopped by and Bell quickly realizes that his flirting with her at the Winter Formal was not a joke.

Simultaneously asking each other to the Prom should have been a funny moment, but it was slightly awkward with the Paparazzi hanging around.

In another part of town …

“What do you think of this one?”
“I like it! The lighthouse is a beacon for those caught out in bad weather, leading them to safe shores. Reminds me of how you came to be a part of my life … leading me to safety and freedom outside the lamp and I’ll cherish that moment forever, Van. Thank you.”

“I think you helped me more than I did you. I could have become bitter and not trust another woman after what happened between Malinda and me, but you reminded me to cherish the good times and remember them when handling the not-so-good times. You’re beautiful inside and out and I am a better man because you’re standing next to me. I love you.”

“Speaking of love … I am horrible at writing poetry and can’t carry a tune so serenading is out of the question, but my heart is yours. Knowing that you are there by my side, through thick and thin, makes each day shine brighter. Your obvious love for my children helped my heart heal and feel safe to love someone again. Maybe I’m being selfish, but I want to see your face when I wake up and when I close my eyes at night. I want to be able to call you my partner, my love, my wife. Marry me and let me spend the rest of my life showing you how much I cherish you.”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Khiara gives Van a huge hug and tells him that his proposal was sweeter than any song and more precious than a poem.

Neither Van nor Khiara noticed the paparazzi observing their special moment.

They head over to the Bistro so they can grab a nibble and start planning a wedding. Congratulations, you two!!!

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4 thoughts on “7.17: Ask the Right Question

    • He was, wasn’t he?! Thank goodness they can’t enter the home unless invited, but being able to stake out your front yard/porch is definitely creepy.

      Somehow the game reset my options and turned the celebrity/paparazzi stuff back on but I’ll leave it alone and see what happens. Can always turn it back off if things get out of hand.

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