7.14: Welcome Her Home

~ Saturday ~
April and Antoine are having relationship issues.
Abbie and Berjes are also having relationship issues.
Conor and Katrina marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SI-Ivanov!
Erich celebrates a birthday!

Van brought Ben & Bell into the living room and sat with them on the couch.

He did his best to explain what had happened to Khiara and the other lab employees, but by trying to word it in terms that a child could understand, he quickly realized that his words were doing little to soothe their fears.

They needed to see Khiara for themselves and know that she is going to be alright.

He looked at his watch and then smiled.
“Visiting hours have just begun, so let’s go and see her.”

A few hours later …

Van takes two quiet children to the movies. He’s hoping that a light comedy will brighten their somber moods.

Van and Bell liked “I’m a Carrot!”. Ben did not.

Bowls of delicious soup didn’t bring smiles to their faces either.

After the twins had bathed and dressed in their pajamas, Van tucked them into his bed.

He opened “Where’s Bella?” hoping to distract them with the silly adventures of the young girl, but noticed that the twins weren’t paying much attention to their favorite story.

Van put the book down and joined them. With a twin snuggled on each side, he proceeded to answer each of their questions as best as he could. Khiara is healing nicely and will be able to leave the hospital in a couple of days. The other employees are recovering and should be leaving the hospital soon as well.

While it is true that she isn’t a genie any longer and looks different, she is still the same wonderful sim on the inside. Van wanted to make sure that they understood that it is what’s on the inside that matters most.

Soon all three of them were closing their eyes and dreaming of happier things.

~ Sunday ~
Erich asks Dawn Broke to marry him.
Angelique, Dylan, Beatrice, Rufus, Joss, Dayna and Dina celebrate birthdays!
Chase, Adam, Efrain, Abbie, Sergio, Ian and Malinda also celebrate birthdays!
Chantel starts dating Issac Paulsen.
Luther proposes to Ashlee Chance.
Dayna & Ramin are expecting their 3rd child!

The twins spent the morning drawing get well cards for each lab employee. Big smiles could be seen on many faces when the family visited each sim in the hospital and the twins placed the cards in each room after reading them out loud.

Their most cheerful, colorful cards were given to Khiara along with big hugs and wishes that she would soon be home.

Later that afternoon …

Van was catching up on some work and felt the familiar tingle.

Happy Birthday, Van!

~ Monday ~
Luther and Ashlee marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SI-Chance!
Britta gave birth to a baby girl, Christin. Congratulations, Britta & Dameon!
Keli and Malik Bassett get engaged.
Titus celebrates a birthday!

Van reviewed the movie “They Came with Tweezers” for work.
Addy’s Note: He got the moodlet “Saw a Terrible Movie: Terrible dialogue, limp characters and a laughable plot. Donovan loves the movies, but he wasted his time on this one”.

Being the honest fellow that he is, Van wrote a negative review and got the following as feedback:
The owners of Wilsonoff Community Theatre did not appreciate Donovan’s review and have banned him from the premises. On the bright side, such brutal honesty has increased his performance at work.

Poor Van. Perhaps he should have been a bit more tactful.

Ben and Bell had soup for supper again.
“Soup again. Why can’t we have something yummy like chips and salsa?”

“If we ate a lot of bad foods, we would get upset tummies and then Dad would take us to the doctor,” said Bell. As soon as she said that, Ben started eating without voicing any more complaints.

~ Tuesday ~
Keli and Malik marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SB-Bassett!
Dawn and Erich marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SJ-Broke!
Dylan asks Ariana Newbie to marry him.
Ashlee has passed on. Luther mourns the loss of his new bride.
Donovan, Malinda’s husband, has passed on. Malinda mourns the loss of her husband.
Addy’s Note: Sad, but the SP mod keeps pairing elder sims with younger mates.

Not a long ban as Van saw that he could review movies again, but he had other plans for that day.

Van: “Khiara, you look great!”
Khiara smiled, “Being well rested does wonders.”

“You changed your hairstyle. I like it!”

“Thanks, so do I! I came in here hurt and reeling from the loss of what I once was, but the staff have been wonderful and helped me realize that being a genie wasn’t everything that made me Khiara. I was a genie but now I’m not. It wasn’t my choice, but I could either let that “event” define me forever and wither away inside or I could adapt and chose to live.

The staff from Barney’s Salon made a “house call” to the hospital and helped me find a look that better suited the new me.”

“If you’re ready, let’s go home!”

Van saw the kids making a beeline for Khiara and quietly slipped into the home office so they could spend time welcoming her home.


Bell is so excited that Khiara is home and just can’t hide it.
Ben is more level-headed, but a small smile can be seen on his face.

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5 thoughts on “7.14: Welcome Her Home

    • Oh? I’m curious … what is it that is causing your “not so sure” regarding Khiara? Any and all feedback is appreciated and could possibly help with the development of future chapters.

  1. I forget where it is in the sp settings, but it is possible to tune who elders are allowed to hook up with, I want to say it’s under either cast or romance options but not 100%

    I do know it’s possible, because I’ve done it in my games.

    • Thanks, GranMamaD! I am so bad with the fine tuning in SP settings, but really need to spend some time getting familiar with it because there are a few things that I’d like to change. If you have any suggestions/tutorials/explanations to send my way so I can continue to adjust and improve the “flavor”, it would be MUCH appreciated. I am definitely the new kid on the block with this stuff!!!

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