7.13: Code Orange

Van arrived home, still unsure of what he’d tell his children.

Summer met him at the door, talking softly, letting him know that the twins tried to stay awake but are tucked in their beds and sleeping well.

No nightmares.
Ah, the sleep of the innocent.

“So, what happened? Are Khiara and the others okay?”

“Oh, m-o-o-o-m …”
Summer pulled her son in for a hug and said that everything would be okay, that they’d do what needed doing and take it day by day.

Sitting side by side on the couch, holding hands, Van explained what had happened at the lab.

“From what I can gather, there were some serious experiments going on. Some were experimenting on the Weather Stone, coming up with a device that could activate it from a distance. Others were analyzing the Potent Cure Elixir among other alchemical potions to see if they could come up a correct formula sequence and be able to custom blend specific cure potions. There were more that I can’t recall … Khiara and her lab partners were making great strides within the horticultural field … **his conversation trails off and Van shakes his head to mentally recollect his straying thoughts** …

For some reason, the Board of Directors wanted last-minute presentations to be shown to key investors and had working models brought up to the board room instead of leading the group into the various lab areas …

You can only imagine what happened next as some presentations ran over their allotted time and further backups happened while scientists were toting their equipment back and forth …

Frazzled works begin to rush in order to get things done and pieces in places they needed to be …

Several of these groups collided in the halls and it set off a massive triggering effect between the various devices …”

“Various weather conditions hit the building! Clouds from the elixirs filled the air!”

Van then “painted” a picture of what happened.

“All will recover, but things will never be the same. Those like Khiara are no longer uniquely endowed. They are now regular sims like the rest of us.”

Oh. My. Goodness.

Summer and Van sat in stunned silence as the full implication of what he just said sunk in.

Khiara is no longer a genie.

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11 thoughts on “7.13: Code Orange

    • Good point. I am rather thankful that there weren’t any fatalities due to the wacky weather!

      I thought it was a neat twist in the story, but hindsight being 20/20 recently came across a wee conundrum because of it & my daughter helped me think things through.

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