7.11: Birthday Blues

~ Tuesday ~
Margo passed away. Deidra, Beatrice & Dominic mourn the loss of their mother.
Deidra then learns that she is expecting a new baby.
Congratulations, Deidra & Kirk!

Sleeping in a regular bed with windows that look out upon the world is wonderful. Those who create genie lamps should go back to school and re-think their designs!

Khiara came into the kitchen, overhearing Van and his mother discuss whose turn it is to stay home from work or if they should hire another sitter and immediately offered her help.

Seeing the smiles on the twins’ faces as she fed them breakfast warmed her heart.

The day passed quickly and Summer returned home, helping Khiara place the twins into their swings.

Summer: “How did your day go?”
Khiara: “It was nice! We played inside for a little while and then I took them outside for a bit of fresh air. They really enjoyed looking at the flowers and I did too! While they took their nap, I managed to fix the computer.”

Summer smiles at the enthusiasm and appreciation Khiara shows for everything. This genie sure knows how to “stop and smell the roses”.

~ Wednesday ~
Isidro passed away. Berjes and Adam mourn the loss of their father.
Malinda gets engaged to Donovan Irwin.
Dameon (Britta’s husband) eases from YA into adulthood.

Today is a special day for the twins … it’s their birthday!

Van and Summer decide upon cupcakes instead of two cakes so Grandma gets to baking …

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Happy Birthday, Bell!

Everybody enjoys the delicious cupcakes and gladly eat more than one.

Van tells Duncan to grab a takeaway container instead of using his plate and take some home to Efrain since he couldn’t attend the party.

Their mom, Malinda, came to the party but jumped on the family computer instead of joining in the festivities.

Ben & Bell take matters into their own hands and seek her out.

Summer thanks Duncan for coming to the party and sends on her regards for Efrain. Perhaps they could come and visit another time.

Later …
Van sees Malinda using her laptop in the formal dining room and decides that even though her workaholic tendency hasn’t changed, he would try to repair their relationship for the sake of their kids and offers his congratulations when he sees the engagement ring on her finger.

“Van, I’m tired (it’s been a long work day) and I saw the twins so let’s call it a day and not fight or say things we don’t really mean.”

With that said, Malinda gathered up her belongings and quickly left the room. She bumped Khiara’s shoulder as she rushed past and without a word, kept on going until she exited the house.

Khiara had been heading to her room, but upon seeing Van looking a bit sad changed direction and did her best to cheer him up before calling it a night.

“Thanks, Khiara. It’s good having you as a friend, you always see the bright side in any situation and the best in people. I admire you for that ability.”

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