6.9: Making His Presence Known

Story Progression Update:
Dina (daughter of Christen & Roderick) is a child. Time for school!
Antoine (son of Abbie) is a child. Off to school!
Angelique & Ahmad are the proud parents of a baby girl.
Welcome to the Snyder family, Kristine SP-Dean!
Abbie and Joss Broke are engaged.
Gina gracefully ages into elder.
Addy’s note: Weird how the game assigned the triplets (Grace, Gabby and Gina) different birthdays after the non-heirs moved out.

Justin certainly made his presence known on Saturday.

He haunted the stroller.
Too bad the family was nestled, all snug in their beds.

He then made silly faces at Nichol.
A bit of fun is fine, but Summer thinks their timing is terrible.

Easy to see why! They woke up Duncan who in turn woke up Van.

Grace is making breakfast, but Justin decides that he can’t wait for food to be ready.

It doesn’t go well for him.
However, he did make some Very Nice Chicken Fried Rice for everyone.

Later that day…

Grace suggests that Van has some fun, perhaps paint a picture.

He’s pretty pleased with what he came up with!

Summer beats Gilberto Ivanov, obtaining enough victories to make her a Chess Grand Master. Her LTW of Chess Legend has been fulfilled.

Congratulations, Summer!

Story Progression Update:
Beatrice (daughter of Margo & Jermey) transitions into teen!
Abbie and Joss marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SD-Broke!
Angelique & Ahmad are expecting their 3rd baby!
Dominic (son of Margo & Jermey) is a child. Time for school!
April (daughter of Owen & Chanda) is a toddler and ready to explore!
Vince (Aja’s husband) eases from YA into adulthood.

More congratulations are in order as the family celebrates Duncan’s birthday!

Another cutie pie, that’s for sure.

Summer: “It will be nice seeing both boys attend the school that we work at!”
Bert smiles his agreement, but seems more interested in the cake in front of him.

Later that afternoon…

Summer begins Duncan’s education.

Good job, Duncan. You’ve earned your first gold star!

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9 thoughts on “6.9: Making His Presence Known

    • I have no idea! I didn’t think that this was even possible… but it really shouldn’t come as a surprise since the game has ghosts cooking and eating. At least he didn’t catch the appliance on fire.

      Maaybe. LOL

    • Toddlers in s3 have so many adorable things that they can do! I periodically play s4 and will admit that going from bassinet to child is sometimes a melancholy moment (even though I played s1) mainly because I’ve gotten so used to having another lifestage.

      It is. I can’t recall if Rosie (non-heir gen 2) and cousin Bobby shared every birthday or not, but it’s still fun remembering them being born on the same day!

    • He sure is 🙂 The Snyder gene pool is pretty nice and I am continually pleased with how each generation is turning out.

      Thanks! I was pretty happy that she reached it so I could be done with chess for a while… don’t want to tempt any aliens to come along and mess up a perfectly good thing I’ve got going on 😉

      I don’t know what others do, but I take a lot of screenshots and with my notes, cobble together each chapter. Often the pictures will change/create a scene even better than what I was attempting to “record” in my note-taking. That circle is one such moment that was too good to pass up on LOL

      • I am writing everything and then taking pictures, that’s what I latterly do. I hope to take my story to the point where I can go back to doing it the other way. For now I have a clear plan of how I want everything to be.

      • I see, thanks for sharing your process 🙂

        While I hope for certain things to happen, the game dictates what does (and how!) more than I do. Notes are mainly so I’ll remember what happened and when… especially since I play for a number of SimDays before writing anything out.

        Yay for having a plan and from what I’ve seen thus far it is a well thought out one. Your story is very compelling and entertaining.

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