6.8: Birthday and Birth Day

Story Progression Update:
Several Snowflake Day weddings happened…
Gabby and Dylan marry. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Snyder-Ivanov!
Deidra and Kirk marry. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. SN-Bagley!
Owen and Chanda marry. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. SI-Joy!
Beverly (Aja, Abbie & Keli’s mom) has passed away.
Sonny (Angelique & Kirk’s dad) has passed away.
Kyra (Kisha & Ahmad’s mom) has passed away.
Bridgette (Kisha’s daughter) enters the world of YA.

Another birthday is also being celebrated on Snowflake Day.

Summer invites Aunt Gabby, Aunt Gina and Uncle Gabe over so they can help celebrate Van leaving toddlerhood behind.

Not the prettiest picture, but Summer was able to snap a photo of everyone in the room.

Grace entertained them with a few family favorites.

Soon it was time for Van to blow out the candles.

Happy Birthday, Van!

After the party ended, the family had their portrait taken.

Story Progression Update:
Renae (Angelique & Kirk’s mom) has passed away.
Chanda gives birth to a baby girl, April.
Congratulations, Owen and Chanda!
Addy’s Note: The game gave the name, not me. Gotta love random moments like this!

Summer woke up earlier than she needed to, but immediately understood why.

She felt pretty calm, all things considered. It isn’t every day that the ghosts of your great-great grandparents stand around freaking out because you’re in labor.

If anybody deserves to freak out, it’s the mother-to-be.
Ouch! The latest contraction was a real doozy.

Time to head over to the hospital.

Summer calls Bert en route to the hospital and he arrives just in time to see Summer smiling as she holds her youngest child in her arms.

Baby and mom are doing fine.


Bert insisted on coming home with Summer, even though it was pretty obvious that he was really tired.

Summer tucked Duncan into his crib and kissed him on the forehead.
Good night and sweet dreams, little one.

She then went to seek out Bert and thank him for his support, but chose not to interrupt his reading and sought out her bed instead.

Van was rudely awakened by a new alarm sound… a crying baby.

Van: “Grandma, do babies cry a lot?”
Grace: “Sometimes. It’s the only way they can let us know whether they’re hungry, need a clean diaper or want a snuggle.”

Van let the bus driver, Miss Suzy, know that he is a big brother now and she congratulated him by letting him sit in the special seat that day. That meant he could get on and off of the bus first. Maybe being a big brother isn’t so bad after all, he thought.

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8 thoughts on “6.8: Birthday and Birth Day

    • Thanks 🙂

      It sure is… sims freaking out at home and outside the hospital while the mom-to-be smiles more often than not.

      It also cracks me up that she’ll drive herself to the hospital… driving was the last thing I wanted to do!

  1. “It isn’t every day that the ghosts of your great-great grandparents stand around freaking out because you’re in labor.”
    Goodness! It was so funny. Congratulations on the birth of Bert.
    Anyhoo, all caught up, I really enjoy your story, it is filled with warm family moments. Time to follow and post you in my blogroll. Sorry for the mess with these comments, I was really determined to catch up.

    • Nope, it sure isn’t. I don’t recall any of the ghosts being around and reacting like this before so I simply HAD to include it in this chapter!

      Thank YOU very much for taking to time to read and comment on my story. Your comments made me smile, laugh, as well as think about the words and images in new ways so I made sure that I went back to the story before replying since I wanted my responses to make sense. Aww… I appreciate being added to your blogroll. That’s mighty nice of you 🙂

      No need to apologize for the few messes. You brightened my days as I read through this bit of “fan mail” and answered the notes. BIG Hugs!

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