6.7: Sharing Her News

Story Progression Update:
The winter chill must be bringing couples closer together…
Dylan Ivanov and Gabby (Grace’s sister) are engaged!
Chanda Joy and Owen (Rod & Katie’s brother) are engaged!
Kirk (Renae’s son) and Deidra (Margo’s daughter) are engaged!
Angelique and Ahmad SP-Dean are expecting their 2nd child!
Alonzo (Abbie’s husband) has passed away.
Addy’s Note: Alonzo was an Elder. SP seems to like May-December relationships.
Graciela (Angelique & Ahmad’s daughter) is a toddler and ready to explore!
Rod (dad of Aja, Abbie & Keli) has passed away.
Shon (Gabby’s son) enters the world of YA.
Gabby (Grace’s sister) gracefully ages into elder.

Grace woke with a song filling her thoughts.

She tried her best to compose it before she forgot the lovely melody.

Summer woke with different thoughts filling her mind.

While she didn’t want to interrupt the beautiful music her mom was making, Summer knew she needed to share her news.

Summer: “What a beautiful melody, Mom! You’re so multi-talented.”
Grace: “You’re multi-talented, too… teacher, mother… **obviously noticing something in Summer’s face, she stops mid-thought and shifts gears** What is it, honey?”

“I’m pregnant. I didn’t plan on having a baby, it just… happened. I’m sorry.”

Grace seems a little stunned by the announcement.

“Oh, sweetheart. Nothing to be sorry for. You might not have planned this, but you are a good mother to Van and this one will know no differently.”

Grace continues, “Our family loves and supports one another, no matter what. This won’t change, but… you do know what you have to do now, right?!”
Summer: “Yes, Mom. I need to let him know so he can decide his part in this.”
Grace: “That’s my girl!”

Summer drops by, but no one is home.
Addy’s note: Map view showed Bert being home, but he was gone by the time Summer arrived.

Summer tried calling, but he wasn’t able to talk at this time.

What do you do on a quiet, snowy day? Nap, of course!

Later that day…
Summer was finally able to get in touch with Bert and invited him over.

After exchanging social pleasantries, she shared her news.

To say he was surprised was putting it mildly.

After the initial shock wore off, he excitedly discussed his hope for being there for momentous moments like the first day of school… if she was fine with that.

Her “yes, of course” left both of them feeling pleased with the way things were easily being settled between them.

Everybody else seemed pleased with the way things were, too.

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6 thoughts on “6.7: Sharing Her News

    • Who? Bert? Since he is an elder sim, he’ll be around as long as the game allows him to be.

      Summer rolled single parent with ‘help’ (Brianna) so she can’t live with or marry anyone she gets romantically involved with. As soon as Van becomes a Young Adult, Brianna is allowed to move out and I plan to do that so she can live her life however she wants while making it easier on me!

  1. It’s kind of funny. The first time I looked at the image where Summer tells Grace she is pregnant it looks like Grace’s mouth is blurred like so is saying a bad word. LOL

    • You’re right, the image is blurred… I never noticed that before. I highly doubt Grace is saying a bad word, she knows how Summer feels about marrying and isn’t too upset by it.

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