6.6: All in Due Time

Story Progression Update:
Kisha marries Bobbie. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. SD-Ivanov!
Owen SP-Vela is dating Chanda Joy.
Owen and Chanda are expecting their 1st child together!
Owen’s daughter, Britta, is going to become a big sister soon.
Adam (Isidro’s son) is a child and ready for school!
Deidra (Margo’s daughter) enters the world of YA.
Catrina (Adam’s mom) eases from YA into adulthood.
Kisha (Kyra’s daughter) eases from YA into adulthood.

Brianna tried her hand at online dating and received a few messages that seemed promising.

Upon leaving the grocery store, she came across a couple of the potentials so went over and introduced herself.

Donovan and Brianna were immediately attracted to one another, but she found out that he was married and quickly shifted gears to topics of a friendly nature.
Strike ONE!!!

Hasan seemed like a decent fellow, but is also married.
Strike TWO!!!

Things seemed more promising with Dylan (not pictured) and they expressed an interest in seeing one another again.

That got quickly nixed when SP had a message pop up mentioning that Gabby is dating Dylan Ivanov.

Strike THREE!!!

Brianna removes her profile from the online dating site. There has got to be a better way to find an eligible man.


Grace is quite happy with the young man in her life.

Realizing that she wants to spend as much time with Van as she can, Grace calls the HR department at the Wilsonoff Community Theatre and puts in her notice for retirement.

Tick. Tock. Time passes.

What a wonderful day Summer has had!

A student gave Summer an apple today after class. Sure, they might be trying to get some extra credit, but it’s hard to say no to fresh fruit.
Addy’s Note: This is the first time I’ve seen this message pop up and it’s neat to see an apple added to her inventory!

She also received another promotion. When the principal saw her in action with the elementary school kids, it was quickly decided that she could tame the middle school students in class 2-B and was given that position at the end of the workday.

Congratulations, Summer! You are now a Middle School Teacher.

Summer arrives home as Brianna is dashing out the door for work. Hellos and goodbyes were quickly exchanged between them.

Grandma Grace needs a nap so Summer scoops up Van’s bear and starts talking to him. Van is thoroughly enchanted and giggles with glee.

**ring ring**

Summer hands back bear and goes to pull her phone out of her pocket, but a wave of nausea overtakes her and has her rushing to the bathroom.


Summer realizes this could only mean one thing and thinks back over the past couple of days while she brushes her teeth.

Oh. Oh. Oh!

Summer eyes widen as she recalls her thoughts while she was enjoying nectar with Bert.

Apparently Bert thought those same kind of thoughts too.

It turns out that Bert is a Great Kisser and things got a little bit steamier between them.

Okay. A whole lot steamier!

“Hmm… that’s interesting!” thought Brianna as she grabbed dinner and listened to Summer discuss her promotion. Something is obviously up, especially if you notice little details like a change of tone when a certain boss’ name is mentioned, but Brianna isn’t going to ask outright about it. Summer is sure to let everyone know… all in due time.

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10 thoughts on “6.6: All in Due Time

    • LOL, maybe not. Normally I encourage my sims to reach level 10 in their careers unless rolls indicate otherwise, but I admit that I’m a bit torn. Do I have Summer work her way up the chain to L10 (District Superintendent) or do I pick a level to stop at? I can easily see her becoming a department head but not wanting the “politics” associated with principal or district level. Decisions, decisions.

      Oh yes, here we go again 🙂 Good times.

      • Yes all kinds of filters 🙂 Also useful if you only want to invite rich sims to campaign fundraisers, haha! There’s a ‘matching traits’ filter too, but you might think that’s too cheaty. Or you can just straight up search for a particular trait. My sim started a book club for sims with the bookworm trait – they have a party every week where they drink nectar and talk about books.

      • Lots of good information, thanks for sharing! The campaign fundraisers and book club are wonderfully creative ways to use filters and I’m glad you mentioned them… oh, the party possibilities!!!

  1. As the saying goes – “All the good men are either married or gay!”. Of course, if they are married, and asking you out…hmmm, not so GOOD!! =(

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