6.5: Work and Pleasure

Story Progression Update:
Reynaldo SP-Irwin is dating Danielle Spain.
Addy’s Note: Kisha and Reynaldo must have gotten divorced.
Angelique and Ahmad are expecting their 1st child!
Kyra (Elder) moved in with her daughter, Kisha.
Margo gave birth to a boy named Dominic.
Congratulations, Margo and Jermey!
Bridgette (Kisha’s daughter) is dating Elbert Ivanov.
Antoine (Abbie’s son) is a toddler and ready to explore his world.
Relationships can be a rocky road…
Chase (Gabby’s son) and his girlfriend, Lorena, have become enemies.

Kirk (Renae’s son) enters the world of YA.
Dina (Christen’s daughter) is a toddler and ready to explore her world.
Margo SP-Newbie eases from YA into adulthood.
Abbie SP-Dean is no longer dating Dylan Ivanov and is with Alonzo Hogue.
Aja and her husband, Vince, are having marital troubles and it doesn’t look repairable. They too have declared themselves enemies.
Addy’s Note: Certain things seem to go in cycles with Story Progression. Before it was unpopular, now it’s declaring enemies.
Gonzalo (Margo’s dad) has passed away.
Beatrice SP-Newbie is a child and ready for school!
Reynaldo (Bridgette’s dad) eases from YA into adulthood.
Life is sweet! Apparently so… because he got engaged to Danielle Spain.
Britta (Owen’s daughter) transitions into teen.

Sims aren’t only ones busy in Riverview!

Nichol and Jeremey play computer games… obviously getting to the next level causes Jeremey to ignore the fact that he is very tired. LOL

Nate made a nice chocolate pie.
Addy’s Note: The ghosts make food whenever they can’t be bothered to grab a plate of something from the fridge. Rather annoying. A SimFriend mentioned the tip of turning the fridge around when sims go to sleep and I might need to try it!

Summer taught Van how to use the potty chair and took turns with Brianna in teaching him how to walk.


They might not be a village, but all three share the responsibility of raising Van.

Addy’s Note: With it being fall and a fire is crackling merrily beside them, it’s no wonder that a word like match popped into Grace’s mind. Hopefully this doesn’t mean Van will have a fascination for fires!

But all work is… well, no fun. They took a brief trip to the Fall Festival so they could get a family portrait.

More Story Progression Update:
Kisha SP-Irwin is dating Bobbie Ivanov.
Abbie SP-Dean and Alonzo Hogue have gotten engaged!
Justina (Margo’s mom) has passed away.
Dominic (Margo’s son) is a toddler and ready to explore his world.
Ramin (Gabby’s son) transitions into teen.

Angelique gave birth to a baby girl, Graciela.
Congratulations, Angelique and Ahmad!
Abbie and Alonzo Hogue marry. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. SD-Hogue!
Kisha SP-Irwin and Bobbie Ivanov have gotten engaged!
Jeromy (Gabby’s husband) has passed away.
Isidro (Christen’s brother) eases from YA into adulthood.

Today is Grace’s birthday, but she doesn’t want a party or special dinner. Just being with her family is what matters most to her.

Leroy thinks that what Van had for dinner is tasty and licks his face clean.

Brianna bathes and tucks Van into bed. Gotta love the sweet smell of a clean baby!

After a long day at work, Grace also thinks a shower and bed sounds like a mighty fine idea and heads towards her room…

… only to be momentarily distracted by birthday magic music.

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Meanwhile, downstairs…

… Summer had a visitor. Her boss, Bert Gaskins, had dropped by.

Summer received a promotion that day and is no longer a Substitute Teacher. She had been given a position as an Elementary School Teacher with the understanding that if anything opened up in the middle school section, she’d be considered.

Was something available already?

No, not yet. It was a bittersweet and slightly awkward moment. Bert’s wife, Kristi, had passed away and he missed not having a sounding board regarding the future of the school. He hoped she didn’t mind an unexpected social call that mixed work with the pleasure of company and good conversation.

Summer smiled and invited him in.

Bert brought a nice nectar and they settled down for an enjoyable evening.


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