6.4: Costume Party Caper

Story Progression Update:
Christen gave birth to a girl, Dina. Congratulations, Christen & Roderick!
Beverly (wife of Rod) gracefully ages into an elder.
Christen eases from YA into adulthood.
Abbie gave birth to a boy, Antoine. Congratulations, Abbie & Dylan!
Charmaine Champagne passed on – does Summer have any co-workers now?
Keli (daughter of Rod & Beverly) enters the world of YA.
Berjes (son of Isidro & Catrina) transitions into teen.
Dorothy (Britta’s mom) eases from YA into adulthood.
Kyra (daughter of Bobby & Caren) gracefully ages into an elder.
Rod (son of Dorian & Nikole) gracefully ages into an elder.

Everything is quiet at the Snyder house. Even the ghosts are at peace.
Addy’s Note: A little odd to see Nate meditating at his own grave, but perhaps he feels like that spot is the perfect resting place.

Donovan is a quiet, happy baby because Summer and Grace are quick to see to his needs.


Does Van have a messy diaper? Not a problem.

Is Van feeling cranky? Not for long.

Hugs are very important! They let you know that you are loved.
Summer looks forward to the day that Van can return her hugs.

The next day…

Spooky Day!
Summer decides to celebrate this special day with a Costume Party.

Story Progression Update:
Keli (daughter of Rod & Beverly) asked Wilifredo Broke to marry her.
They married at City Hall. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SD-Broke!
Helena Irwin and Shon (son of Gabby & Jeromy) are dating.

The weather is rather atmospheric for this holiday.

Grace and Gina were amused by each others costume choice!

Summer was upstairs getting Van ready when Aunt Katie walked in. While they talked, Summer discovered that she is Excitable, Evil and Family Oriented. Time to politely excuse herself and take Van downstairs… she didn’t care for where this conversation had headed.

**ding dong**

When Pirate Luis Newbie shook his pumpkin bucket, Bunny Brianna pretended to be scared and quickly handed over some candy. Luis left with candy in his bucket, a smile on his face and a swagger in his walk.

Chef Jeromy Snyder-Joy livened things up by playing Spooky Day classics such as “Werewolves of Bridgeport”.

It wasn’t long before music of a different kind started playing.
Birthday Magic music!

Happy Birthday, Van!
Addy’s Note: Not a good picture so you can’t really tell, but Van has Grandpa Justin’s eye color. So pretty!

Summer finally noticed Brianna’s costume choice and vice versa… both got a good laugh over it.
Addy’s Note: It’s been a long time since I held a Costume Party in game. I’m sure there is a way to put on a particular costume, but for now I let the game randomly decide who wears what.

The two best friends grabbed each others hand (Van’s too!) and did a merry little caper for a few minutes. Van chortled with glee.
Addy’s Note: Caper has several definitions, but the one here means “a playful skipping movement”.

A few hours had passed and it was time to start settling down for the night…

Summer: “Alright, Mister Van. Bedtime for you.”


Summer stood in the doorway, smiling at the sight of her family… Uncle Gabe & Aunt Kate, Aunt Gina, Aunt Gabby & Uncle Jeromy plus Chandra Irwin.
Addy’s Note: Chandra arrived with Chase, Shon & Shon’s new girlfriend, Helena. Since Helena and Chandra have the same last name, I assume they’re related and that’s why she tagged along. Interesting to note that the guys left early on and the gals stayed.

Summer: “This has been fun and thank you all for coming! Van is tucked in for the night and I think it’s time for us to be too. It’s almost 11 and I know some of you have to be at work bright and early in the morning so I bid you a fond adieu.”

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10 thoughts on “6.4: Costume Party Caper

    • Thanks. Since she can pull off a pink rabbit, she can wear any costume EA has! LOL

      The answer to your question:
      There aren’t two cribs, there are actually 4.

      ciane built this home
      Summer Dreams II
      Download Link: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=8509385

      There are a total of FIVE bedrooms!!! A truly grand master suite on the first floor plus two bedrooms with a queen/king sized bed as well as a private bath for each on the 2nd floor. Also on the 2nd floor is a bedroom for girls and a second one for boys, each with two twin beds and two cribs. Both of these bedrooms also have a bathroom. There’s more… a lot more, but SimFriends can either peek at my pictures or download the lot and enjoy a closer look 😉

      This house has room for a large family so I felt that it would be a perfect fit for my randomacy since I have no idea how many kids each generation will have. Well… I know how many Donovan will have, but mum is the word on that particular tidbit.

      I’m sure my rather verbose ramblings more than answered your simple question.

    • Me too! Sims are lucky… they have self-cleaning upgrades that do the majority of the work. Even in my smaller-scaled home, those would be very much appreciated 🙂

      I imagine people who actually live in houses that large would need a maid service and a landscaping service.

      I think the sheer size alone can be pretty daunting and I honestly don’t think I would feel comfortable in one… much less want to think about the enormous task of keeping it clean. I grew up in a home that was roughly 900 square feet (3 bedroom, 1 bath) and now live in one that is roughly 1400 square feet (3 bedroom, 2 bath)… so much space!!! LOL

  1. We lived in one house, 2600 square feet (3 bedroom, 3 bath) that had 2 rooms we never used!! Downsized on this last move to 1400 square feet (3 bedroom 2 bath) and it is so much more comfortable! Being military, you take what you can find! A Bonehilda would be nice, however! (If you get a good one) =)

    • Not sure I would know what to do with any house in the 2600 or over range LOL

      We have one room that isn’t used… unless you count storage. It was a carport once upon a time (now fully enclosed), but homes built in the 60s don’t seem to offer much in the way of storage options. We call it our “avoid room”.

      Would you believe I have never used a Bonehilda?! Not sure if this is a good thing or not. I have also never had a Butler. My poor sims are made to clean up their own messes! **chuckles**

  2. I have lazy sims!!! I don’t get help for my genies, however, since they can clean the house in a “twinkle”!! lol Bonehilda can be lazy, get easily sidetracked by mirrors, and butlers just love to sweep up leaves in the yard constantly, so they all have their downsides! Maids are just useless, for the most part! =( At least in your story you have enough sims in the house to keep it up!! =)

    • LOL, not lazy… efficient 😉
      One of my sister-in-laws is named Susan and the Lazy Susan that my mother-in-law has is known among us as an Efficient Susan.

      Good stuff to know! Shame the help isn’t much help. Yes, I have enough sims in my house now, but who knows what changes the future might bring.

      Laundry seems to be an issue. Have to keep an eye on sims when they go to “do laundry” as they’ll more often than not, drop the pile somewhere and go off to do something else. Guess having two stories is too much off a bother… perhaps I’ll be kind and place a second laundry upstairs. Maybe.

      Ooh! I enjoyed playing a genie. Maybe I should get one again. I happen to have a couple of lamps sitting around, collecting dust. Will have to ponder this.

    • Thanks! I thought it was nice too.

      It was rather funny to see them pick the same costume so I guess they get along so well because they have common interests… or they simply didn’t want to fuss with anything elaborate and went with something easy & comfortable.

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