6.3: Tell It Like It Is

Summer considered different ways of broaching the topic with Grace, even going so far as to discuss it with the teen, Luis Newbie, her next ranked chess opponent.
Summer’s distraction strategy must have worked… she won the match and reached rank 2 on her way to Chess Grand Master.


An unsuspecting Grace went about business as usual. Leroy came in with fleas and was quickly carted up to the tub.

Sometimes the best way is to simply tell it like it is.

Summer: “Mom, I don’t have the French Flu. I’m pregnant.”
**Grace casually glances over while eating**
Grace: “I know, honey. Not a tough one to figure out. Another bouncing bundle of Snyder joy will soon be here… how exciting!”
**Grace and Summer smile at one another**

Summer: “Are you sure it’s okay? Really okay, Mom? I’m not getting married or anything like that. Romantic relationships are complicated and can get messy. I’m not saying mine would get messy, but I don’t feel that being a Mrs. is part of what makes my happy ending. I like being single. I don’t need a Sim partner to feel complete as a person.”

**Grace listens and smiles further**

Grace: “All I could ever want from you is for you to be happy in life. To find your passion. You did exactly that… in teaching. I couldn’t be more happy or proud of you than I already am. Don’t get me wrong. Raising a child without the father isn’t going to be easy. Your little boy or girl will someday have questions about him and you need to have an idea of what you’re going to tell him or her at that time. You also need to figure out how much of a relationship/friendship you will have with the father… I’m assuming it is Remy since no other name has been mentioned… will he be told that he is going to be a daddy?… after telling him, how much will he be allowed to be involved with you and your child? You have lots to think about, my sweet Summer.”

Summer: “I love you, Mom!”
Grace: “I love you too, Sweetheart!”

Story Progression Update:
Bridgette (daughter of Kisha & Reynaldo) is a teen… dealing with crushes, mood swings and prom!
Renae (only child of Lynda & Darrell) ages into an elder after a lifetime of memories!

Summer’s pregnancy proceeds smoothly. No weird food cravings, no sore back and the nausea is a thing of the past.

Lucy isn’t sure what all the excitement is about, but enjoys relaxing with Summer on the couch. Although those sims on television seem to puzzle her. What ARE they doing?

Story Progression Update:
Chase (son of Gabby & Jeromy) and his girlfriend, Lorena, are having difficult times and feel like they’re enemies more than anything else.
Adam (son of Isidro & Catrina) is now a toddler, where the fun & learning are just beginning!
Gabe and his bride, Katie, are not getting along… the honeymoon period wore off when she declared him her nemesis. Yikes!!!
Owen (youngest of Rod & Beverly) eases from YA into adulthood. Life is just as sweet now!

Summer invited Isidro SP-Broke, the next ranked chess opponent, over but had to postpone their game because her water broke right as he was arriving.

Having a baby apparently isn’t a big deal in Summer’s mind because she hopped in the nearest car and drove herself to the hospital.
Addy’s Note: I had been keeping Alice’s patrol car parked outside the garage as a theft deterrent. LOL

Summer nonchalantly walked into the admissions entrance, ignoring the two tourists who began freaking out as soon as they saw her. It bothered one so much, she jumped into a queued taxi and drove off with it.
Addy’s Note: This is the first time I noticed a sim jumping behind the driver’s wheel instead of getting in the back. Will have to pay more attention in the future!

Time passes…

Hush little baby don’t you cry…


Motherhood suits Summer.

Being a widow doesn’t suit Grace. She arrived home after work to call after call, asking her out… married men, men in relationships… it didn’t matter to them one bit.

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10 thoughts on “6.3: Tell It Like It Is

  1. I have noticed that the more ‘unavailable’ you are, the more you get asked out!!! Geesh! Cute baby, and I bet another one on the way, soon, from Gabe and Katie (if they ever make up!). I love the look on the puppies face! =D

    • Available, unavailable doesn’t seem to matter to some sims. **shakes fist** You know who you are! Go ask out somebody who doesn’t mind that sort of nonsense.

      Not sure what happened with Gabe and Katie. Half tempted to move them in and see if their statistics or relationship panel shows anything.

      I forgot all about the adorable faces they can make… perhaps Leroy and Lucy need littles of their own.

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