6.18: A High Note

Story Progression Update:
Beatrice (daughter of Margo & Jermey) enters the world of YA.
Lucia (daughter of Chase & Lorena) is a child. Time for school!
Joss Broke (father of Dawn) eases from YA into adulthood.

Thankfully most Sunday mornings are calm and not like this one or I think the Snyder boys would insist on no more Sundays!

A thief by the name of Marci Valenzuela bypassed the back door, but didn’t notice the alarm by the front door.

Officer Goldberg was on the premises in no time, but didn’t stand a chance at apprehending the thief.
Addy’s Note: This is the 1st time I’ve seen a thief dominate the fight the entire time. Officer Stefanie Goldberg is going to be ridiculed for days by her peers!

Hmm… where is Summer while all this excitement was going on downstairs?
Dreaming that their possessions are all safe and secure, of course!

Although on second thought, Duncan might take exception to being told the family would be skipping over this particular Sunday since it is his birthday!

Van decided that a birthday party with a homemade cake would make a nice gift for his brother and Duncan agrees with this idea.

They put together a list of invitees (based upon Duncan’s requests) and then Van made the calls. It’s nice to know that everybody he had invited can come and celebrate with Duncan.

Duncan is very happy to see his best friends and giggled gleefully when Bradford Broke said that he hopes one of the presents is a pony that they could ride. Korey Talley smiled over at his two friends, already knowing that the transition to teen will change some childish whimsies.
Addy’s Note: Sneaky SP! Not letting me know in advance that one of Duncan’s best friends had already aged up to teen… he must have felt a little weird being the odd “man” out at the party ~ older than his friends but not yet dating someone like Van or Mr. Scot is.

Summer noticed that they have a party crasher (Adam SP-Broke, wearing the tank top), but since it didn’t seem to bother Duncan, and Adam is family, she decided to not say anything and risk ruining the fun party atmosphere.

That thought changed a few minutes later as she observed the following while dancing with Scot …

Most likely none of this was done on purpose, but Adam’s actions prevented Quinton SP-Dean from sitting among his friends and had also broken the television so that nobody could play Freeway Frenzy. This was disappointing because the boys had been looking forward to trying to beat Van’s high score.

He might be a relative, but behavior like this is unacceptable so Summer stepped forward to ask Adam to leave and stopped when she saw Van trying to catch her attention. With a few hand gestures and a quickly whispered conversation, he let her know that since he is the party planner/host, Van feels it’s his duty to see his cousin to the door and asked his mom to call the repair shop.
Addy’s Note: **rolls eyes** Again?! What is it with guests and their unwelcome habit of breaking the television? After Justin’s untimely death, I’m sure Summer would have a fear of anybody else getting hurt or dying so would choose to call the repair shop instead of attempting (or encouraging Van) to learn how to repair or upgrade.

Politely but firmly taking Adam aside, Van explained that while it was good seeing him, acting the way he did (whether on purpose or not) wasn’t cool and had put a damper on Duncan’s special day. Adam hadn’t realized and took his leave after a quickly mumbled apology.

Summer smiled at the way her older son handled things because he’s shown himself to be a mature young man who obviously cares about his younger brother. Her smile soon turned to a frown when she was told that the repair person wouldn’t be there for a while due to a backlog of requests.

The arcade games upstairs might be fun for a little while, but aren’t as enjoyable as kids lounging on the couches with video controllers in their hands, laughing and bantering with one another. It’s too chilly to go swimming and dancing might not appeal to the younger boys.

Summer decided it was time to give Van the secret signal so he could go and light the birthday candles.

Happy Birthday, Duncan!

Make a wish! Hopefully it comes true.

Time for your special birthday magic to happen!
Addy’s Note: Duncan’s birthday party took place on a Sunday which is not a holiday on my game, but two of the guests arrived with plates of food.

What a handsome young man Duncan has become!

As guests were stacking their dishes in the dishwasher, Van handed Duncan his gift. “Don’t shake it or you’ll be sorry that you did, Dunk!” Van quickly advised when it looked like that was exactly what his brother was getting ready to do.

Upon opening, Duncan grinned and thanked his brother for the variety sampler pack of soda, then promptly issued the challenge for a belching contest with date & time yet to be determined. Van responded with a “you’re on!” and the boys high-fived.

After the guests had gone home and party cleaning was taken care of, Summer pulled aside Duncan aside to give him his gift. Duncan was very happy to see his own copy of the key to their SUV and asked when driving lessons could begin.

Summer: “Anytime you want.”
Duncan: “Now, please!!!”

And so… the cycle began once more. “Be sure to keep at least a full car length between you and the vehicle in front of you” and other familiar phrases could be heard if one was listening to Summer instruct her younger son on the art of driving.

The day might have started out with a rude awakening, but it is definitely ending on a high note.

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12 thoughts on “6.18: A High Note

  1. Oh, good, my comment didn’t make it…
    I had to smile at Adam’s behavior, it’s amazing what the game can come up with when you’re not paying attention. Duncan is indeed now a handsome young man.

    • Not sure why your comment didn’t make it or why I needed to approve this one. WordPress is being weird, I guess.

      Adam annoyed me with his antics, that’s for sure, but… things like this really add to the game and the stories we share.

      Yes, he is and so is Van. So hard keeping mum about what’s been happening in my game but I have to say both make very handsome YA!!! Can’t wait to show them off 😉

  2. I actually see (seemingly grownup sailors) others having belching contests after several beers…yuk! Oh well, boys will be boys! All in all, an exciting day for Duncan! =)

    • I bet! Hubby is no stranger to belching after a beer… root beet, that is. As for our girl, she often “compliments the chef”. LOL

      It sure was. I might have packed too many activities into the day because I wanted Duncan to learn how to drive before school started on Monday.

      Maybe I mentioned it before, or not (I can’t remember!) but my sims have to drive themselves to/from work as well as school because those vehicles no longer show up at the house. This game does some weird things!

  3. Poor Officer Goldberg 🙂 I’ve never seen that happen either. And Summer sleeping through all of that – LOL 😀 When I was a teenager, I slept through a tornado. 😛 Duncan is really cute! 😉

    • I wish the fight screenshots had turned out so I could have shown the thief’s obvious advantage. Part of the problem was me… I waited for Summer to arrive so she’d be in the pictures, but she never did.

      You did? Oh my! I can’t even begin to imagine how, but I guess if you’re used to them & it was a smaller one then it could be possible. My most memorable storm when I was a teen was when the sky looked greenish… had never seen that before. Or since!

      Yes, he really is! But wait until you see what he looks like as a YA!!! Handsome with a capital H.

      • Oh I bet he does! 😀 Yes, I slept right through it. We’d had several that year and my dad carried me downstairs when the sirens were going off. I woke up the next morning in the basement. LOL 😀 When I had children of my own, I stopped being a sound sleeper, though. lol

      • I don’t know about you, but I would have been quite disoriented waking up somewhere other than my bed… although the sirens might have had me groggily awake and stumble shuffling down to the basement.

        Yes! When ours was young, I was a very light sleeper. Any shift or change in her breathing and I was awake & quietly listening. Am better now but do periodically wake when I hear a late night bathroom trek. LOL

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