6.17: Letting Them Be

Story Progression Update:
Abbie and Berjes get married. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SP-Broke!
Gabe (Summer’s uncle) gracefully ages into an elder.
Maricela is dating Malik Bassett.
Addy’s Note: Reynaldo and Maricela had a short-lived marriage. They were married on Tuesday and by Friday, she moved on to “greener pastures”.
Joss (Dawn’s dad) is dating Lola Chestnut.
Abbie and Berjes are already having marital issues. That’s truly a shame.
Quinton (Ahmad & Angelique’s son) is a child. Time for school!

Change seems to be the keyword at Summer’s workplace.

Her boss, Cale Compton, has passed away. This makes two bosses (Bert and Cale) passing due to old age so it’s understandable why Summer would hope the next one is not an elder sim.

A new co-worker stopped by and Summer quickly discovered that they had things in common. Scot Dillard is also single!
Addy’s Note: Meeting a single sim in this game is such a rarity lately so when Summer discovered that they were compatible, I cough-encouraged-cough them to get friendly with one another.

They spent a lovely afternoon together.

Wanting to continue getting to know Scot, Summer invited him to dine at the bistro. She seemed surprised to discover that the elder sim is her uncle, Gabe.

The weather is beautiful for dining outside.

It would have been best if they had dined indoors because Summer lost the friendship of Luis Newbie and got the Witnessed Betrayal moodlet (description mentions witnessing the romantic betrayal of a loved one so it appears that something happened between Luis & Gabe) … which then caused her date to end on a bad note.
Addy’s Note: I was busy observing their date & letting them decide on their own how things would go so I totally missed what was happening nearby. Rats! I admit that I was rather put out that the date ended so abruptly (I’m sure Summer was too!) and decided to see what conversation options are available when such a situation happens.

Summer then expressed sympathy for Katie to both Luis & Gabe. Luis didn’t take too kindly to it and walked away from her. Gabe listened without getting upset, but didn’t seem to care one way or the other.

Story Progression Update:
Abbie and Berjes are expecting their 1st child.
Antoine, Abbie’s son, is going to be a big brother.
Leroy (Bree’s dog) is now an elder.

Summer was still bothered by what had happened at the bistro and decided to pay her aunt and uncle a visit.

Aunt Katie still seems youthful and fun, but her good mood didn’t last long when she was being consoled.

Summer received a call and while she normally doesn’t answer when visiting others, this seemed like a good time to take a step back so it doesn’t seem like she was listening in on their conversation… although it’s easy to decipher the meaning of their gestures and facial expressions, even if one isn’t paying attention to what was being said!

This is probably a good time to take her leave so Summer quietly let herself out and headed home. She passed Ramin on his way out of her house, obviously in a hurry to get somewhere, who quickly muttered an “I’m sorry, cousin” as he sped by.

She soon realized that the television had broken during his visit and once again placed a call to the repair shop.

Hopefully Aunt Katie’s and Uncle Gabe’s relationship can be repaired too.

Unable to wait for the repair person, Summer let her boys know to expect them and headed over to the school to give the commencement speech.

A few deep, calming breaths and a quick perusal of her notes had Summer ready to step up to the podium. It must have gone well because former students came up afterwards and told her that it was inspirational, funny and touching. All of them would remember this day for a long time.

As she was leaving the auditorium, Summer couldn’t help but notice the flurry of activity in and out of the gym. Oh! That’s right… tonight is Prom Night. Van is probably very glad that she forgot to sign up as a chaperone.

Summer arrived home and found Malinda hanging in the backyard with the boys so she decided to join them.

**beep beep**

Van is so excited about tonight and rushed to the limo while Malinda was putting the finishing touches on her makeup.

He’s quickly forgiven for not waiting as it’s rather obvious that he can’t take his eyes off her. Malinda is BEAUTIFUL in her choice of prom dress!

Prom Night was everything that Van hoped it would be.
Malinda and Van were the dynamic duo of the dance.
Everybody was copying their moves and checking out their styles.
He was declared Prom King!

Summer couldn’t help but chuckle when a tired, but silly grinning Van handed her his copy of the prom picture to add to the family wall.
Addy’s Note: I found it rather humorous that both dances had them using the same pose and imagined that Summer would too!

“I think that pose shows your best side,” called out a mischievous voice behind them. The sounds of feet running up the stairs amid gleeful laughter could be heard as Van gave chase to his brother and threatened him with a pillow fight.

The day ended better than it began.

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16 thoughts on “6.17: Letting Them Be

  1. I love the vivid yellow choice of prom clothing! I bet they had a good time. Right, it ended better than it began indeed, hopefully troubles will end if Story Progression cooperates (I am currently thinking if it took control over my births as I had boys only and now two girls, wonder if I will now have only girls).

    • Thanks! I thought the yellow would look good with Malinda’s coloring. Yes, I’m pretty sure they enjoyed themselves. Now as for Gabe… not so much. Hopefully he will see the error of his ways.

      Really? That’s interesting how it seems to be ‘influencing’ the gender of births in your game. There is a lot about SP that I don’t know. Lately I’ve gotten pop-up messages asking if I wish to have graduation or hold it until later, then mentions how many sims are eligible to graduate. Haven’t had this happen before these two, but maybe the birthdays are a bit more staggered now and that is causing this event possibility.

      • I think I have read it on the Nraas FAQ that is an option that Story Profession will try to equal the birth of boys and girls. Also, my friend has it and she got 4 girls at once. I really get lost in these options, though, I have found out why this wouldn’t let me set up teen pregnancies recently- I had to change the setting not only in SP but also in Woohooer. Crazy!

      • I recall reading that too. All I know is that my town is rather full and there aren’t enough houses for everybody.

        For those who use Woohooer, that’s good to know. The Nraas mods are wonderful but I limit myself to ones that I don’t have to do anything to get them to ‘do their thing’ otherwise I would be forever tweaking my game and cheating the way through the generations lol

      • That’s okay, we all have our way of playing this game. Yes, they do.

        I used to play with max motives and using MC so things like skills were instantly taken care of. No grinding for me. I got bored, really bored, so am trying to ‘challenge’ myself with actually taking the time to earn things. Although… this journey is taking longer than I thought it would. LOL

      • Well, I use MC only for storytelling, I think- inviting sims option working better than the manual “invite”, opening houses, fast switching between families, changing pregnancy outfits, stopping pregnancy’s progress if needed, testingcheats can do the rest, lol. Skills are fast to take care of with MultiTab.And I just fixed the links for custom content for tomorrow’s chapter, that’s good, haha.

      • Hmm… I didn’t know there is an inviting sims option… that would certainly makes certain social situations easier. Will have to look into that, I think.

        I do use the Stylist piece to change birthday outfits and hair so should probably fix those horrible random pregnancy outfits.

        Would you believe I have never used the MultiTab?! i keep meaning to give it a go, but never remember to. Should make a note and stick it to my monitor. lol

        Always nice to have good links 🙂 I am such a perfectionist/worrywart that I check them multiple times before – during – after posting an update. I once had a link pointing in the wrong direction and hubby caught it before anybody else did. Whew!

      • Yes, Master Controller has so many of them, it makes it easier. And you can change relations to, so when Story Progression messes things up, there you go, lol, but these are those cheaty ways. I hope I’m not spamming your post way too much?

      • Good stuff to know! I wish there was a way to expand the family tree in game because I’m getting really confused as to how the relations work with one another (there are 55 in game at this time!) and what is considered blood since I once had a Snyder not be able to romance another sim because they were blood related and I didn’t even know they were.

        I do know that you can change relationship status, but I try to stay away from the stuff that is too cheaty unless something is drastically in need of fixing.

        No, I don’t consider this spamming at all. We’re sharing ideas, tips/tricks between one player blogger to another 🙂

      • Unfortunately, I have no idea about that, it must be a mess to take care of with all of this family populating over your town. I currently turned off progression for them, so they stay in control, lol

      • I probably should have set limitations early on instead of letting them do whatever SP allowed. Now I’m ‘paying for it’. No spare houses for townies or Duncan when the time comes. School gets clogged as everybody tries to go to school.

        I might have to execute my sim goddess rights and do shifting to ease some of this congestion & maybe restrict the number of children the townies can have. Will have to do some research as fiddling with SP is not my thing.

  2. You could always have a “branch” of the family re-locate to another town. If it affects more than one household, you would have some open houses, at least. =)

    • That’s a good idea, but I might be more inclined (tempted!) to ‘moving’ non-branches. Although by this point in time every sim is probably related since the families are so intermingled.

      Haven’t the foggiest idea how to go about moving elsewhere so perhaps it’s best that I don’t muck about. I will say this… there is a plan in the works for the 10th gen heir and it will definitely get things going in a new direction. So for now I’m trying to be good & bide my time. Hard though. I really want to ‘spill these beans’ lol

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