6.16: Rest And Relaxation

Story Progression Update:
Owen (Britta’s dad) SI-Joy is dating Monica Bassett.
Gabe and Katie are continuing to work through marital issues.
Abbie is dating Berjes.
Ferby (widower – Gina) gets engaged to Chanda (Owen’s ex). Congratulations!
Graciela (Ahmad & Angelique’s daughter) transitions into teen.

While at work, Summer’s boss asks her to give the commencement speech for the students graduating from high school this coming weekend. What an honor!

That afternoon…

Summer and the boys visit the Old Town Cemetery. It’s time to put their beloved family members to rest.

Each takes turns saying their goodbyes, with Summer going last. When she steps out of the mausoleum, she sees her boys quietly working on their homework and decides not to rush getting them home.

As the boys are finishing up, Duncan wants to know if the family ghosts will come to visit or if they’ll stay here where it is peaceful and quiet. Summer replies that she honestly doesn’t know, but thinks that they’ll stay here. She also lets both boys know that anytime they wish to come and visit, they are more than welcome to.

Story Progression Update:
Thursday ~ Leisure Day
Ramin (Summer’s cousin) gets engaged to Dayna Newbie.
Berjes (Isidro & Catrina’s son) gets engaged to Abbie.
Addy’s Note: This will be his 1st marriage and her 3rd. Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm for her!
Owen gets engaged to Monica Bassett.
Addy’s Note: How interesting! This is also the 3rd marriage for Owen.
Ramin and Dayna marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SJ-Newbie!
Katrina (Bridgette’s daughter) is a toddler and ready to explore!
Angelique (Ahmad’s wife) eases from YA into adulthood.
Ferby marries Chanda. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Burris!
Graciela (Ahmad & Angelique’s daughter) is dating Michale Bassett.
Dina (Christen & Roderick’s daughter) is dating Dominic (Margo & Jermey’s son).
Erich (Chase & girlfriend Lorena’s son) is a toddler and ready to explore!
Luther (Shon & Helena’s son) is a toddler and ready to explore!
Dawn (Abbie’s daughter) is a toddler and ready to explore!

Summer enjoys puttering in the garden and now understands why Bree was willing to spend so much time out here.

They spend the morning at the Summer Festival.

Getting the newest family photo.

Having fun, too.screenshot202_zps1oyukwwl
Addy’s Note: The dog, Maxx, is owned by Dorothy and Julian Ivanov.

Summer doesn’t win the hot dog eating contest and the boys cut their own “contest” short because people would soon be arriving for their pool party.

Bree arrives with her boyfriend, Lavar Doe.

Lavar doesn’t seem to care for Duncan’s two best friends. Perhaps he is a vampire.

Summer fired up the grill and the party moved outside just like she hoped it would.

As the party wound down and guests began leaving, Van pulled Malinda aside and asked her to go to prom with him. He was very happy that she said yes and hoped he gave her enough time to find a dress.

The guests had an amazing time, but it’s nice to have a quieter house once more.

Van and Dunk talked about the fun they had that day and further bonded as brothers while playing Freeway Frenzy.

What a lovely Leisure Day this was!

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4 thoughts on “6.16: Rest And Relaxation

  1. Haha, I imagined a mother talking to their sons about honestly not knowing if the ghost would appear. Bree and Lavar look like the exact opposites- she is blonde and slim with fair skin while he has dark skin, hair and is plump. Glad they had a fun Leisure Day.

    • Yes, well I tried to walk in Summer’s shoes since I visualize her as being a bit of a flower child ~ accepting of things up to a certain point and then Mama Wolf steps in when her pups are in danger because as we all know, the risk of fire is certainly a danger to any sim!

      In this case, opposites DO attract! My daughter said something similar about Bree & Lavar when she proofed this chapter and I let her know that the game/SP saw a spark between them… hopefully it will be a happy relationship. Bree truly deserves that after having put her life on hold to help raise two boys.

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