6.15: Decision Time

Story Progression Update:
Reynaldo (Bridgette’s dad) gets engaged to Maricela Prater.
Gina marries Ferby. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Snyder-Burris!
Bridgette (Kisha’s daughter) gives birth to a baby girl, Katrina.
Congratulations to Bridgette and her boyfriend, Elbert!
Ramin (Gabby’s son) enters the world of YA.
Kristine (Ahmad & Angelique’s daughter) is a child. Time for school!
Ahmad and Angelique are still having marital troubles.

As arranged, Bree moves while Summer is at work and the boys are in school. There aren’t many possessions to move and she has already said her goodbyes while hugging each Snyder in turn. Smiles and a few tears were shed.

Goodbye house. You and your family will be greatly missed.
Addy’s Note: When I went to do the move option via phone, none of the houses were tagged as available in map view. Not sure if this is a glitch or the game simply not recognizing any of them as move-in ready. So… Bree “moved” into the house that Abbie owns because I figured she could use a friend like Bree.

Congratulations! Summer gets promoted to Department Head.

Summer invites Aunt Gina and Uncle Ferby over for dinner, but Ferby couldn’t make it.

Unfortunately, Aunt Gina doesn’t make it to dinner either.

Before she can cross the threshold, Aunt Gina’s time has come to an end.

No amount of pleading could change the Grim Reaper’s mind.

Goodbye, Aunt Gina. You will be missed.
Addy’s Note: The three triplets have passed on due to old age and Gabe is the only sibling left alive from generation 5. I’d like to invite him and his wife, Katie, to dinner but am a bit hesitant as you can imagine.

During dinner, Van gently broaches the topic of moving the family ghosts to the graveyard.

Van: “We will still honor and cherish them, but I’m sure you’ve also noticed that they seem to be getting a bit more restless lately.”
Summer says she’ll think about it.
Addy’s Note: Between three and five ghosts come out to “play” on a nightly basis now. Most will leave when daylight appears, but one or two stragglers will stay behind and that is when they raid the kitchen. No point in turning the fridge as these crafty buggers wait until the fridge is available before they act.

Story Progression Update:
Reynaldo (Bridgette’s dad) marries Maricela. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Irwin!
Bree has started dating Lavar Doe.
Helena (Shon’s wife) gives birth to a baby boy, Luther.
Congratulations, Shon and Helena!
Ferby starts dating Chanda (I thought she was married to Owen).
Addy’s Note: I wish the game and/or Story Progression had a pop up message letting us know when sims divorce and then allow us the option to change their last name for both sims. When the message appeared about Ferby dating Chanda, I was like… What? When did they separate? So… I made a point of peeking and sure enough, they had divorced.
Aja and Vince are having marital troubles, but are trying to work things out.
Addy’s Note: Yes, I checked to see if they are married or not!
Lorena (Chase’s girlfriend) gives birth to a baby boy, Erich.
Congratulations, Chase and Lorena!
Lucia is a big sister now.
Addy’s Note: How interesting! Chase and his brother, Shon, have children born on the same day… reminds me of the time Kayla (gen 2 heir) and her sister, Nikki, did that. In fact, it was a 2nd child for Kayla (like Chase!) and the 1st for Nikki (like Shon!). Whoa. History repeats itself… in game!!!
Dylan (Antoine’s father) eases from YA into adulthood.
Brianna eases from YA into adulthood. Aww… we missed it.
Abbie gives birth to a baby girl, Dawn. Congratulations!

Summer is at work and the boys are in school so one expects the house to be quiet as time flies by.


Grace decides to cook a meal.
Addy’s Note: Well after 8 am and this happens! I dropped the speed from 3 down to 1 and anxiously watched because no one was home and if a fire had started… **shudders** Thank goodness nothing happened, but there is always the possibility that something could when there are uncontrollable ghosts flitting about.

Summer takes a quick break in between work and giving a lecture to catch her breath and enjoy a bit of fresh air. She’s still reeling from the loss of her family members and finds herself uncontrollably crying every now and then.

It is at one such moment that a co-worker steps over and congratulates Summer on her recent promotion to Assistant Principal. He seems unaware of her grief and tells her that he’d be crying happy tears too if it had happened to him.

Summer arrives home just as it is getting dark and discovers a platter of food sitting out on the counter. **sniff sniff** Seeing that it still smells good, she decides not to let the food go to waste.

Upon questioning Van, she learned that he hadn’t prepared it and since she hadn’t… it must have been one of the resident ghosts. She looks over at the grill and realizes how lucky they are that the kitchen didn’t catch on fire while they were gone for a good portion of the day.

Summer concludes that enough is enough! She loves her family, but can’t put their home or themselves at risk any longer. She now knows what they’ll be doing tomorrow afternoon.

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8 thoughts on “6.15: Decision Time

    • I’m pretty bad at having them call, much less visit other members of the family and there seems to be about 45 of them spread throughout Riverview now. I can only imagine what it will be like when I reach the 10th generation. LOL

      Have recently seen Gabe in town and admit that it was weird seeing him as an old man with little to no hair.

      Will try to be better about seeing other Snyders but won’t make any promises… I know how busy/focused I get with keeping mine happy and doing stuff.

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