6.14: Life Moves Forward

Story Progression Update:
Gina and Ferby get engaged!
Adam (Isidro & Catrina’s son) is dating Nicola Newbie.
Abbie and Joss get divorced. Must be a rough pregnancy.
Joss moves in with Eloy Scruggs, Gina’s ex-husband.
Lucia (Chase’s daughter) is a toddler and ready to explore!
April (Owen & Chanda’s daughter) is a child. Time for school!
Dominic (Margo & Jermey’s son) transitions into teen.
Ahmad (Angelique’s husband) eases from YA into adulthood.

Wheee! This is fun!

Time to blow out your candles, Dunk.

I look forward to doing things together and getting to know you better.
I love you, Dunk.

Happy Birthday, Duncan! What a cute kid you are.

Today is also Summer’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, Summer!

Birthday festivities over, Van spends the afternoon with Malinda. They have fun playing on the water slide and throwing darts.
Addy’s Note: Van invited Malinda over so they could spend the entire day together before the dance. After the initial greeting, she made a beeline for the slide and stayed out there while the birthday moments happened. I forgot what “magnets” certain items are! The mail carrier really wants to swim in their pool LOL

The limo with a uniformed chauffeur is a nice way to make this special event even more memorable.
Addy’s Note: I just happened to zoom in and noticed the chauffeur’s uniform for the 1st time. Nice attention to details.

Malinda looks great in green!

Van looks terrific with touches of turquoise!

Van and Malinda are obviously the best dressed couple there.

While Van is at the dance, Bree talks to Summer about moving out. The boys are older and able to do more for themselves now so the timing is right for her to strike out on her own.

Summer will be sad to see her best friend go, but completely understands and supports Bree’s decision.

Thank you for everything that you’ve done for my boys and me, Bree. We’ll miss you and your dogs, that’s for sure. Let’s rival Van for a fun night!

A tired but happy Van heads home from the dance.

What a fun and flirty couple they are!

Dance highlights:
1. Van was so happy he was voted Spring Fling King! He broke out a new dance move and everyone cheered!
2. Donovan and Malinda are inseparable! They are definitely hitting it off and possibly the cutest couple at the dance! (got this message twice!)
3. Donovan and Malinda were the dynamic duo of the dance. Everyone was copying their moves and checking out their styles. There is definitely some chemistry there! (also got this message twice!)

After the dance, Bree made hot chocolate for everybody so they could have a family discussion regarding her plans. The news made the boys sad, but they’re also happy for her.

Life should move forward and household changes are sometimes needed to accommodate this.
Addy’s Note: It has always been my intention to move Bree out when both boys were older because I didn’t want to force her to stay single or childless. I also held off on having Leroy and Lucy try for puppies because I quickly discovered that two dogs were two too many LOL

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4 thoughts on “6.14: Life Moves Forward

  1. I am happy that Bree is moving over, so she can get her life out of the Snyder family. Good that her son and Melinda had an enjoyable evening. Well, two dogs are quite a lot to take care of.

    • Originally I was going to have Summer’s friend Joanna move in, but decided against it after reading that she was involved with Doyle and grabbed the first single sim that I saw… a quick makeover made her new friend good to go.

      Randomacy rules has the help moving out after the youngest child is midway through their teen stage, but I didn’t see the sense in waiting that long because I wanted Bree to enjoy what bit of life she could… especially since I was not doing well in trying to find her someone. The game/SP will pair her up better & faster than I could!

      Yes, two is too much for me! I thought it would be cute to have puppies around, but quickly discovered that I am more focused on the sims themselves and wasn’t doing much with the dogs. Hopefully Lucy and Leroy have puppies that “we” can go visit 🙂

  2. That last pic just looks so odd to me. Two people in bathing suits and Van in a suite.

    I also really like the mischievous look on Duncan’s face at his Birthday.

    • My sims are regular folks who don’t need fancy poised pictures… lol I most likely didn’t notice their outfits until I was writing this chapter and decided to not bother with re-staging the moment.

      As for Duncan, I took the first picture that didn’t have him looking cross-eyed. He does indeed look mischievous so we’ll have to see if looks are deceiving or if it is a hint of what’s to come.

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