6.13: Riding On The Emotional High

Story Progression Update:
Shon and his wife, Helena, are expecting their 1st child!
Addy’s Note: I’d like to think that Shon’s mom, Gabby, knew this bit of happy news before her passing.
Lorena (Chase’s girlfriend) is pregnant with their 2nd child!
Antoine (Abbie’s son) transitions into teen.
Gina (Summer’s aunt) is dating her neighbor, Ferby Burris.
Britta (Owen’s daughter) enters the world of YA.
Abbie and her husband, Joss, are expecting their 1st child together!
Antoine will soon be a big brother.

Good morning! Time to rise and shine, Dunk.

Not as good a morning for Summer as she woke up mourning the loss of Aunt Gabby.
Addy’s Note: The family is in their mourning period for Grace when they witness the death of Gabby. Everyone mourns her loss, but the game tacked on two more days of mourning for Summer… I guess it decided she needed more time to grieve.

Van received notice that he has been crowned the Spring Dance King!

He claims a shelf and proudly hangs up his award. It looks good there!

Riding on the emotional high, Van asked his mom to help him learn to drive.

So far, so good.

Keep your distance between cars.
“Yes, Mom.”

Watch out for the dog!
“I see her, Mom.”
Addy’s Note: The dog is Ladybug-Roux and is owned by either Chase or Ramin Snyder-Joy.

Give right of way to police cars and other emergency vehicles.
“I’m being careful and have the right-of-way, Mom. If their sirens are blaring and flashers are on, then they have the right-of-way.”
Addy’s Note: I usually don’t watch the SimTeen learning to drive, but for some reason decided to this time. I guess it’s because my own daughter is learning to drive. These crazy Sim drivers go whenever they want without any traffic signs or right-of-way given… but this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that cars drive through one another all the time in this game.

After hours of lessons, Van has learned how to drive. Congratulations!

To celebrate this milestone, Van wanted to take Malinda out on a date. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a movie or concert happening at this time.

Malinda came over and they had some fun on the water slide.

Then they climbed into the hot tub where things got a little steamy.

Before they knew it, the night had grown late and it was time for Malinda to go home.

Van wrote a love letter letting her know how much the evening meant to him.

Tomorrow is the dance! Van is looking forward to it and hopes Malinda is too.

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6 thoughts on “6.13: Riding On The Emotional High

  1. I tend to watch my sims closely when teaching to drive, if I have them do so, as my parent sims seem to stress out way to fast and end up leaving the teens stranded across town. Which has led to a few accidental curfew violations.

    • Good idea because the parents stress out quickly and like you, I’ve had accidental curfew violations this way so I try to pay attention to the time. It’s also silly watching them go home in separate vehicles after the teen has learned to drive.

  2. Van had a very hot time in the bathtub with Melinda. Congratulations to becoming the Spring Dance King! I must agree with the cars, I don’t see the point in teaching young ones how to drive when they basically can drive how they want to and nothing ever happens (uh, well, nothing would happen if it weren’t for us, writers, looking at you, Kymber, lol)

    • Van is pretty pleased with himself these days.

      It’s interesting that you mentioned that because I happened to be thinking about her car scene while I was watching Van learn to drive. Nothing much happens, other than stressed moodlet and stranding sims on the side of the road, although there are sometimes some fun screenshots due to the game mechanics 🙂

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