6.12: A Surprising Day

Story Progression Update:
Bridgette (Kisha’s daughter) and her boyfriend, Elbert Ivanov, are expecting their 1st child!
Lorena Ivanov (Chase’s girlfriend) gives birth to a baby girl, Lucia.
Congratulations, Chase and Lorena!
Bert Gaskins has passed on. He will be greatly missed.
Ahmad and Angelique are having marital troubles. How sad.
Addy’s Note: This is hardly surprising. Parents know that a newborn baby can add additional stress to any relationship and they have a baby (Quinton), a toddler (Kristine) AND a child (Graciela). Lots of stress between them, I’m sure!
Gabby (Summer’s aunt) has passed on. She will be much missed.
Dina (Christen & Roderick’s daughter) transitions into teen.
Quinton is a toddler and ready to explore!
Addy’s Note: Correction ~ Ahmad and Angelique have TWO toddlers & a child.
Beatrice (Margo & Jermey’s daughter) is dating Rufus Irwin.

Summer has an awkward moment when Justin floats through the bathroom.

Grace wakes up and goes stargazing with Justin.

The view is incredible!

Justin floats away as soon as they finish so Grace goes back inside and starts talking to Summer… only to be interrupted by Justin sneaking up behind and scaring her.

The “joke” backfires. Badly.

Addy’s Note: I didn’t expect the game to have a ghost come up and scare someone, nor mourn the passing of a loved one. His actions certainly had consequences, didn’t they?! Bad ghost, you’ve earned yourself a time out!

The Grim Reaper obviously felt bad about this whole situation and tried to atone for his part in the matter.

Malinda Moses comes over and offers her condolences to Van.

He invites her inside and tries to keep the conversation flowing by talking about his interest in journalism. Van discovers that Malinda is a Newspaper Deliverer.

She enjoys reading his articles in the school newspaper and thinks he would do well writing for the Riverview Gazette.

It’s at this exact moment that Van realizes his good friend could become something more than mere friends and his heart does a little flip-flop motion.

Before he can think about it and maybe chicken out, Van takes the plunge and asks Malinda to go steady. She says yes!

Van then asks her to go to the Spring Fling (formal dance) with him.
Addy’s Note: No time for setting up a fancy invite ~ it’s Friday night and the dance is on Sunday night. Van wanted to go to it and I thought it might be nice to have him go with someone. Hopefully his experience ends better than the one Summer had.

A quick kiss “seals the deal” and lets Malinda know that Van is interested in having a relationship with her.

Unexpected. Unplanned. These two words certainly describe what happened today and time will tell what effect this surprising day has upon the Snyder family.

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6 thoughts on “6.12: A Surprising Day

    • While writing this, I didn’t think of it as Justin coming to warn Grace but I can see him doing that.

      The Grim Reaper doing laundry made me laugh… especially since I thought he was heading for the chess table.

      Poor Van got rushed because I didn’t want him to go to the dance alone so I’m hoping I didn’t choose too badly for him. Time will tell.

    • Poor kid. Having to put up with my pushing him to get a date to the dance without my really thinking about the timing of it all.

      The game does makes the first kiss look quite awkward. Van sure appreciates your mentioning it lol

    • Sometimes the oddest moments make the best scenes story-wise.

      That Grim is quite a character! Sometimes he leaves immediately afterwards and other times he’ll hang around for a while. One never knows what he’ll do lol

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