6.11: A Spring Birthday

Story Progression Update:
Angelique & Ahmad welcome a baby boy, Quinton, into their family.
Graciela (daughter of Ahmad & Angelique) is a child. Time for school!
Catrina (Isidro’s wife) gracefully ages into an elder.
Berjes (son of Isidro & Catrina) enters the world of YA.
Shon Snyder-Joy and Helena Irwin get engaged!

Summer saw a notice in the teacher’s lounge asking for volunteers to read students’ college essays and signed up right away.
Addy’s Note: Summer has the generational goal of “the Opportunist” so I was excited to see her to receive her first career-related one since I had read somewhere that the Education career offered few opportunities.

Summer left work with a pile of papers to read and a BIG smile on her face because she earned a promotion to High School Teacher.
Congratulations, Summer!

Van waited for his mom to get home so he could ask her permission for having a slumber party. The dogs could feel the anticipation in the air and yipped their excitement… or were they simply wishing to chase the racing cars?

Summer readily agreed and placed an order for pizza.

Yum!!! It was a hit with all four boys.
Seated L to R: Korey Talley, Dominic SP-Newbie, Antoine SP-Dean

Even though there is plenty of room inside, the boys thought it would be fun to sleep outside.

The boys were obviously worn out and slept quite soundly because they never noticed the mysterious lights or the whirring noise nearby.

Poor Grace 😦
She wished that she hadn’t noticed them.

Story Progression Update:
Thursday ~ Love Day!
Shon and Helena marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SJ-Irwin!
Bobbie (Kisha’s 2nd husband) passed on.

Van loves Love Day because it also happens to be his birthday.

Congratulations, Van!

Make a wish.

What a handsome young man you’ve become.

The family decides to spend the afternoon at the spring festival.
Addy’s Note: I love how you can see everyone in the car, which isn’t always possible.

Here is the newest family photo.

Everybody tries their luck at the spring dance to see if they will be crowned Dance King or Dance Queen. Well… almost everybody.
Summer gets carried away with reading a few more essays while she waits for the others to exit the photo booth and forgets to join in the dancing. Oops!

Later on, a tired but happy family heads home. Van says that it was a fun birthday and he looks forward to the family celebrating more special occasions together.

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4 thoughts on “6.11: A Spring Birthday

    • Are you talking about the face Van made when making a wish, right before blowing out his candles? If so, he does look rather mischievous.

      Yes, it would. However only YA and older get taken for a “ride” in the spaceship. Could you imagine having to explain to a frantic parent why their son isn’t ready to go home just yet. O.o

    • It was a fun birthday 🙂

      I was pleasantly surprised to see that Van has Justin’s beautiful eyes and hope that his child/ren will have them too.

      Thanks. The funny thing is I wasn’t trying for a promotion so she took it easy at work & still got it.

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