6.10: Awkward Bits

Story Progression Update:
Abbie and Joss are having marital issues. That’s too bad.
Kristine SP-Dean is a toddler and ready to explore!

The resident ghosts are perhaps feeling a tad envious of Grace’s longevity and have taken to expressing their opinions whenever they see her.
Addy’s Note: This ghost is Kristy, Grace’s mom. I can’t even begin to imagine what Grace must be feeling.

Yay! Duncan learned to walk.

Dina (daughter of Christen & Roderick) asked Van to come over after school, but didn’t get off the school bus with him. He felt awkward being there without her and walked home.
Addy’s Note: I wanted a quick peek to see how well they were getting along and was surprised to discover that there was no Dina anywhere on the property (just as bad as inviting someone over to a party and not showing up!) so I had Van go home… only to realize that he lived next door! LOL


Another awkward moment happened. Bert called and asked Bree out on a date. Eww… no!

Story Progression Update:
Aja (married to Vince SP-Lessen) eases from YA into adulthood.
Toby (Kisha and Ahmad’s dad) has passed on.
Chase (Gabby’s son) and girlfriend, Lorena Ivanov, are expecting their 1st child!
Adam (Isidro & Catrina’s son) transitions into teen.

Summer got home from work and heard her mother tickling the ivories. The music was sweet, but the moment itself bittersweet as she noticed Grace still wearing her bathrobe.
Addy’s Note: SimFriends ciane & Mmdrgntobldrgn play the Apocalypse Challenge with one of the rules being that elders are no longer player controlled. As of Monday, I added this “rule” into this story and will periodically peek to see what she gets up to… thus far it’s been mostly adding food to a partially-filled pet bowl, playing an instrument or painting. There are currently 3 easels “reserved” with partially painted pictures.

Van’s class went on a field trip to the Specter Family Mausoleum and was assigned to write an essay about their family history. Leroy and Lucy hang nearby hoping that they’ll get an honorable mention.

Duncan learned to talk.

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4 thoughts on “6.10: Awkward Bits

    • It’s as bad as a sim inviting someone to a party and then not showing up or the event doesn’t happen due to no one being home. My sim still gets the call or text of “sorry you missed the party” even though there wasn’t a party to miss. Nor does it matter if you decline the invite, sim still gets the call of “sorry…” This game… lol

      Maybe they do, they are quite cute and could earn Van some extra credit points with a dog lover teacher 🙂

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