5.9: Think Again

Story Progression Update:
~ Monday ~
Aja (daughter of Rod & Beverly) celebrates a birthday and is now a teen!
Rod entered adulthood!
Sonia Snyder-Spivey had another birthday and is now an elder!
Gabe married a much older lady.
Owen (son of Dorian & Nikole) is engaged to Dorothy Vela!

Early Monday morning, an uninvited “guest” decided to pay a visit.burglar_zpsl3v7ucbz

After a long night at work, Justin wasn’t able to pull himself out of bed in time to deal with the situation before Officer Cassandra Malone apprehended Dena Webb.arrest_zps6bjrfkrr

Where’s Nate?asleep_zpsg7ghsm32
Sound asleep and not bothered by all the commotion… alarm going off… wife and the rest of the family rushing outside… sounds of fighting. Nothing fazes him!

Dena: “Where did I go wrong? I should’ve been able to beat that copper.”
Justin: “You expect me to give you pointers? Think again. You picked the wrong house, thief. Try a stunt like that again and you’ll be very sorry that you did.”stunt_zpsenuujf9c

Dena was hauled off to jail and the rest of the family stumbled back to bed.gotojail_zpsmnmih9la
Addy’s Note: I find it interesting that the arrested thief sat up front with the cop. Are they in cahoots? Did the cop take a bribe and will be letting the thief out somewhere along the way back to the station out of sight of the family that she tried to rob? The things I ponder LOL

Justin enjoyed a good breakfast and felt quite satisfied with things overall.satisfied_zpszbkrmh7k

Sorry for the short post, but the rest of Monday’s events made it a longer read than I wanted. I’m enjoying writing shorter pieces and think this works much better than my old format… especially since my hubby isn’t a reader. ❤ you, Mr Addy!

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6 thoughts on “5.9: Think Again

  1. Two things I love about this post:
    1) ” I should’ve been able to beat that copper.” Sounds so 50s gangster movie 🙂
    2) You added a dirty cop conspiracy to your game. Lots of fun.

    • Oooh… it does, doesn’t it?! I was thinking that a thief is attempting to rob a thief (which surprised me as I seemed to recalling reading somewhere that they wouldn’t do that if you were also in the criminal career) meant that maybe there is some sort of rivalry (my boss vs the thief’s boss) going on.

      Well… what would you think if you saw the cop put the handcuffed criminal in the front seat of the cop car?

    • Me too because the cop showed up before Justin could do anything other than walk out there. If Justin was evil, he would have let the thief go but he isn’t so tough darts, thief! LOL

    • Not one bit.

      Would have been funny if his wife was able to go back in and hit him with her pillow, muttering something about “how nice it is that some sims can sleep through family emergencies.” **chuckles**

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