5.8: Family Visits

Story Progression Update:
~ Sunday ~
Lynda and Terrence got married. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SP-Joy!
Gabby gave birth to a baby boy. Welcome to the family, Chase!
Abbie (daughter of Rod & Beverly) celebrates a birthday and is a toddler!
Angelique (daughter of Renae) also celebrates a birthday and is a child!
Kyra (daughter of Bobby & Caren) enters adulthood!

Kristy invited Lynda and new hubby, Terrence, over. Her daughter, Renae, decided to come with them.lynda_zpser9kcmip

Summer seemed more interested in her bear than being cute for company.bear_zpsatqmr34b

That’s okay because Grace was entertaining enough for the both of them.guitar_zpslyr3edel

Lynda didn’t stay long enough to enjoy either the company or the music.rush_zpszlvlix3i

Renae made herself right at home on one of their computers.game_zps077mcjmn

Not exactly sure what happened, but Renae left right as Nate was getting ready to ask her to leave… apparently she was being rude. He then sent her an insulting text. I think he said something along the lines of a leaf being more pleasant than you were today.leaf_zpsuveyg6ej
Addy’s Note: Ever since Renae came to their house, she’s been calling and repeatedly asking Nate or Kristy or Grace out on dates. Ewww… no!

Later that day, Grace visits Gabby and brings Summer with her so they can meet the newest member of the Snyder clan, Chase.

Too early to tell who he looks like, but he’s already made an impression with Summer because she pulled out her bear to share.bear2_zpsc7qducxl

The smell of burnt food brought Grace to the kitchen. Ugh! What a way to ruin macaroni and cheese.

“Sis, you might want to consider taking a cooking class. I took the one offered at the bistro and can highly recommend it.”yuck_zpswzfjklgs

yuck2_zpsrj4rwvg2Addy’s Note: What a face Grace made. I sent her into the kitchen to chat with her sister and discovered this scene going on… so of course I had to pause the game and turn the camera angle in order to get a better look at it.

Before Grace got ready to go, she noticed that Gabby had changed back into her outerwear.

“Stay inside where it’s nice and warm, Sis. A sick baby isn’t much fun.”home_zpsgompsj7p

Maybe her words sunk in or perhaps Gabby prefers bundling up because she turned on the television and got caught up in a program.tv_zpsqkctjvlk

“Bye, Sis. Bye, Nephew.”
Oh, my goodness. I just realized that I’m an Aunt.
Auntie Grace. I like the sound of that!
**Grace smiles**

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