5.7: Fluff Episode

Story Progression Update:
~ Friday ~
Christen (daughter of Kasey & Kurtis) celebrates a birthday and is a YA!
Christen gets engaged to Roderick Irwin!
Beverly gave birth to a baby girl. Welcome to the family, Abbie!
Widow Lynda SP-Bagley gets engaged to Terrence Joy!
Beverly enters adulthood!
Renae enters adulthood!

Nate received a call from Beverly wanting some very nice produce and delivered it to her at the gym of all places.gym_zpsq02oljnc
Beverly, you just had a baby and celebrated a birthday, no wonder you’re tired. Go home!

While Nate was at the gym, Kristy paid a visit to Gabby and couldn’t help but notice her beautiful smile. She looks so calm and happy.calm_zpsum3qsyb9

“You look radiant, sweetheart! I look forward to welcoming our newest member of the family!” Kristy gushed as she pulled Gabby in for a hug.hug_zps7glcefr6

All too soon it was time for Kristy to head home. She couldn’t help but smile as she saw how much Gabby and Jeromy enjoyed each other’s company.catch_zpse2ulc24o

~ Saturday ~
Ahmad (son of Kyra & Toby) celebrates a birthday and is a child!
Owen (son of Dorian & Nikole) enters adulthood!
Margo (daughter of Justina) celebrates a birthday and is a young adult!

Waffles are Justin’s favorite food. His shift ends at 3 and he always comes home hungry after a long night at work.waffles_zpsclvauqxi

Apparently Alice didn’t think there was enough and started making more.waffles2_zpsztaljzqm
Addy’s Note: I find it surprising that a ghost gets hungry in the first place, but then ignores the prepared food in the fridge in order to make yet another family serving of what is already in there! When I first noticed her, I thought that perhaps she didn’t like what had been made & wanted a different dish but didn’t know what she was fixing until the mixing was all done. The game is so silly sometimes LOL

It’s a good thing that Grace was nearby because Alice left while in the middle of cooking!waffles3_zpst6l2y3tzwaffles4_zpsn8v9p0tf

Summer looks a lot like Grandma Kristy, don’t you think?twin_zps57tonitr

Both of these lovely ladies prefer Goopy Carbonara over Waffles.twin2_zpsv9apmkf2
Addy’s Note: Family members enjoy discussing similarities between relatives and I just noticed this in my SimFamily!

Sorry for the “fluff episode” but for some reason I found myself not wanting to toss these pictures in the Misc. folder and move along.

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10 thoughts on “5.7: Fluff Episode

  1. I was just noticing that same thing, sims discussing family resemblances, yesterday too, and had to adjust the frame of the picture somewhat as having my sim discuss her mom and younger brother wasn’t going to fit the coming story line for that shot. LoL 🙂

    • Very. I can’t wrap my brain around hungry ghosts or tired ghosts at all. What is the point of dying in the game if you’re simply going to continue needing to eat and sleep? Maybe they are doing things they enjoyed in their lives even if it doesn’t gives any benefit now.

      • Before this challenge, I tended not to play with ghosts or keep them around. While I am a little bit curious about what the different ghostly forms look like, I wouldn’t say that I’m curious enough to have a game where I purposefully create them. I still have a hard time being mean to my sims LOL

      • Oh my! That would definitely have been a challenge for me. I get so annoyed seeing the ghosts come and start cooking when there is plenty of prepared food already in the fridge. I’d rather have them grab a plate than spend money that doesn’t need spending… especially since there is the chance that they’ll leave in the midst of cooking. Silly ghosts.

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