5.6: Leisurely Day

Kristy was up early, answering phone calls from various family members.phone_zpsdzn8tkzt

Story Progression Update:
~ Wednesday ~
Jeromy (Gabby’s husband) entered adulthood!
Dorian (Nikole’s husband & Lynda’s younger brother) passed away.
Darrell (Lynda’s husband) passed away.
Isidro (son of Kasey & Kurtis) celebrates a birthday and is a teen!

~ Thursday (Leisure Day) ~
Gabby and Jeromy moved & are sharing a house with Robi & Kristi Newbie.
Gabby and Jeromy announced that they are expecting their 1st child!
Owen (youngest son of Dorian & Nikole) is dating Dorothy Vela.
Widow Lynda is dating Terrence Joy.
Kisha (daughter of Kyra & Toby) celebrates a birthday and is a teen!

The ghosts are also up, staying out longer than normal because they love to rock…rock_zpspzkoosbe
Addy’s Note: Whichever ghost comes out to play makes a beeline for these rockers EVERY day!

A quick trip to the photo booth has the family in smiles as they hang another family photo on the wall.

Grace decides a family cookout would be enjoyable and invites her siblings over.

Kristy opens the door with a smile to invite everybody in, but Jeromy stops her to discuss the lovely landscaping.plants_zpseojgu3cn

Gabe steps up and enters the conversation.house_zpssdoa4yfg

Neither seem pleased with the other and Kristy quickly realized that this must have been part of the reason Gabby moved out of the place she shared with her siblings.reason_zpsjevb6reu

Kristy tries to diffuse the situation and encourages them both to come inside, hoping that things will settle down as they mingle with others.

Gabby corners Nate in the kitchen, asking about lunch. Professional athletes sure do have a big appetite!lunch_zpscylkq1r3

They’re also pretty competitive as Gabby then challenged Nate to a breathing contest.challenge_zpscpos6ovj

A relaxing Leisure Day is exactly what everyone needed!relax_zps9axe6ngk

Grace calls out, “Food’s ready. Come and get it!”food_zpsepatow4e

Eating outside is lovely and the fact that guests clean up after themselves is much appreciated, but they never seem to go to the kitchen where the dishwasher is located. Nate had to repair two different sinks after this meal… not how he imagined spending his Leisure Day, I’m sure!repair_zps1hujcxc9

Everybody seemed to spending their holiday day together. No sunburns, good moods everywhere and the hot dog platter was licked clean (will be kind and not mention which slob did it, but I think y’all already know who! **wink**)

Things were winding down and Sims were getting ready to leave when the doorbell rang.

**buzz buzz**treat_zpsxnbu4gva
Addy’s Note: I forgot about trick-or-treat happening every holiday in this game! It’s funny what the game will consider a costume. I can’t tell if Kristy is telling him that a ghost is a real costume or trying to spook him so she could grab a piece of candy from his bucket LOL

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