5.5: Birthday Song

Story Progression Update:
Ahmad (son of Kyra & Toby) celebrates a birthday and is a toddler!
Angelique (daughter of Renae) also celebrates and is a toddler!
Justina (daughter of Bobby & Caren) enters Adulthood!

Rod and Beverly are expecting their second child!
Aja is going to be a big sister!

♫ 🎶 ♪ Happy Birthday to YOU ♫ 🎶 ♪
♫ 🎶 ♪ Happy Birthday to YOU ♫ 🎶 ♪bday1_zpssfx7kafj

♫ 🎶 ♪ Happy Birthday dear Summer ♫ 🎶 ♪bday2_zpsgvqph7zv

♫ 🎶 ♪ Happy Birthday to YOU ♫ 🎶 ♪bday3_zpsa0bt1hww

There are lots of new things to learn.

“That’s right, hat. You’re doing well!”talk_zpsk6pdgcvm

“Yes, you are a big girl now and big girls use the potty.”potty_zpslfja1fmz

**soap up ~ wash ~ rinse**

Goopy Carbonara is Summer’s favorite meal to eat!yum_zpsfhsdyjeu

“Come to Daddy!”walk_zps313r9ju8

They love Summer and often try to do the same thing at the same time with her.

Grandma’s turn!grandma_zpscqkmfosz

Too slow, Grandpa.grandpa_zps1hea7xxc

There is also time to play.play_zpsyfxiygap

Or quiet time with a fun book.read_zpstl04bfqb

Your days are busy, but a good busy.

Goodnight, sweetheart. Pleasant Dreams!night1_zpsqrhmcvlnnight2_zpsihusxixl

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8 thoughts on “5.5: Birthday Song

    • Yes, she is! I used to call my daughter smart cookie… until she corrected me. She said, “Brownies are better than cookies so she should be called smart brownie”. LOL

      • LOL that’s the sweetest thing! I’m very excited to have kids of my own, they come out with some real gems!

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