5.4: Welcome, Little One

Story Progression Update:
Gabby and Jeromy got married! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Snyder-Joy!
Aja SP-Dean celebrates a birthday and is a child!
Katie SP-Ivanov also celebrates and is a YA!
Nikole SP-Ivanov celebrates also and is an elder!

Today is the day! Today we welcome the next generation into the Snyder family!

Grace was so excited about this and couldn’t sleep.excited_zpsjj9ikful

Others were excited, too… or perhaps nervous would be a better description.

Kristy: “Do you think we’ll be good grandparents? Are we too young, too inexperienced?”nervous1_zpshj9tphfg

Nate: “Relax, honey. You’re the sexiest grandmother in the entire city. There is no other competition for that title in Riverview as far as I can tell.”nervous2_zpsiy1rm29i

“You forgot childishly youthful,” said Kristy with a smile as she took Nate’s hand and led him outside.nervous3_zps3nthspbg

Grace took yet another nap…nap_zpsyqifnc7y

… and Justin headed out to join her when she came hurrying past him (well, hurrying as fast as a pregnant woman can hurry) saying “Out of my way, pregnant lady has got to go!”

Grace didn’t get far when other urges took over.labor1_zpsetysylno

Arriving at the hospital and seeing his wife calmly walk past those freaking out over her upcoming delivery, made Justin feel like apologizing for some reason.labor2_zpsedm7gmg3untitled_zpsxqxkjm6k

Grace seems a little sad or maybe she’s simply concerned that Justin and Nate will be disappointed that they’re outnumbered yet again.ppblues_zpsu1l8etjf

Arriving home, she voices her concerns to Kristy who quickly lets her know that gender isn’t important. What is important is the life they lead and the friendships they make.ppblues2_zpse2xduvnk

Kristy: “So, what did you name her? Jacqueline or Jacki? Some variation of Jake?”
Grace laughs. “No, her name is Summer. We didn’t have a girl’s name picked out and well… she was born in the summertime.”summer_zpsbegg0pcz

Kristy didn’t waste any time spreading the good news.goodnews_zpsp9othdgu

Welcome, little one. You are surrounded by love in this house!welcome_zpsnwdwsykf

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11 thoughts on “5.4: Welcome, Little One

      • How do you come up with the names? I know mothers get a feel for the baby when they’re pregnant but in a game you don’t get that.
        Just curious because I know how hard it is to pick a good character name.

      • Good question. Usually I pick names based on their meaning, but with this family I also look at how it sounds with the last name of Snyder. For some reason names that start with consonants are more appealing to me so you’ll notice that none of the Snyder names I’ve picked thus far begin with vowels. There are no hard and fast rules with this legacy… probably because I’m trying to stay with the spirit of it being random 😉

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