5.3: The Missing Ingredient

Story Progression Update:
Gabe and Sonia got married! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Snyder-Spivey!
Gabby is dating Jeromy Joy.
Kyra gave birth to a baby boy. Welcome to the family, Ahmad SP-Dean!

Grace doesn’t seem happy this morning. Perhaps her “honeymoon haze” caused her to forget a crucial ingredient when making waffles.waffles_zps3vtwhfoh

Poor Grace. She’s not feeling too well right now.nauseous1_zpsmasfzm2qnauseous2_zpsgt0twjqh

Feeling a bit better, Grace decided to go and meet Sonia. That gal sure enjoys a good joke.joke_zpsame0p0n4

Although Grace’s punchline needs quite a bit of work!punchline_zpsetolwb8d

Justin notices that Grace is taking a lot of naps and hopes she starts feeling better soon.naps_zpsqgtnkdzm

Oh! Oh. Ooooh. The haze clears and Grace realizes that it wasn’t the flu after all.oh_zpsaovzu3zx

She goes and lets Justin know the good news.news1_zpsxcl9lta2

Once again Grace managed to flabbergast Justin.news2_zpsnngsh3xr

Time to stop and smell the “roses” before the whirlwind known as preparing for the little one kicks in.roses_zps6s3pclor

The days pass in a similar manner…

“Hello, little one! How are you feeling today?”hello_zpslieb4uus

Justin is wonderfully supportive and does his bit in making things easy for Grace.

He reads pregnancy tips out loud, letting her lead the discussion on what might work.reading_zpsfgoegtgv

He is always available to massage her sore back.massage_zpsehsbjogp

Story Progression Update:
Gabby and Jeromy Joy announced their intentions to get married!
Dorian SP-Ivanov celebrates a birthday and is an elder!
Renae gave birth to a baby girl. Welcome to the family, Angelique!
Sonny Newbie is the proud papa and hopefully soon there will be a wedding to celebrate.

Grace and Justin both seem to think that she’s carrying a boy and mull over various names. Jacob aka “Jake” seems to be at the top of their list.

Tomorrow is the big day and we’ll soon be welcoming the next Snyder!!!

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5 thoughts on “5.3: The Missing Ingredient

    • Thanks, RM! I can’t wait for y’all to meet their little one… **erase erase** not going to upset the apple cart or B by hinting at things to come. Nope, nope.

      Grace looks gorgeous with this hair! It really suits her. It’s from the store, but I’m not sure what it’s called. Tried to find it and am a wee bit perplexed because it isn’t in the individual hair section. Sorry 😦

    • That was pretty funny to see. I don’t recall other sims doing that reaction and remember seeing the thumbs up, pat on the back which does get old after a while. Besides… I think I would personally have been annoyed if my hubby did that when I let him know we were expecting ours so why would the sims think that particular reaction is fine?!

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