5.24: Moving Forward

Story Progression Update:
Sunday ~
Dorothy SP-Vela marries Russel. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Joy.
Owen and Dorothy’s daughter, Britta, is now called Britta Joy after having been adopted by Russel.
Owen’s tomcatting days are far from over as he is out and about with Rena.
Gabby’s son, Ramin, celebrates a birthday and is a toddler now!
Gabby’s son, Shon, also celebrates a birthday and enters childhood!

Tomorrow is Summer’s graduation ceremony! Exciting times because it means that she is now one step closer to entering the Education profession.

She stops by the salon, thinking that perhaps a more professional wardrobe might be better for the job interview when she bumps into an old classmate. All thoughts about a makeover slipped from her mind as she plays catch up with Brianna McHenry.

Brianna takes a break from tending the coffee bar to visit her friend. “This job is okay, but I want to garden and sell the best produce. You know, really make a difference in the grocery store selection. Oh… and raise some dogs!”

“Unfortunately, I could never afford it. This dream will be just that. A dream.”

Summer was silent for a few minutes. Then a small smile slowly spread across her face. “You could always room with me. With us. It’s just Mom and me now. There’s plenty of room and I think a few dogs might bring some much missed fun into the mix!”

Summer and Brianna talked until her break was almost over, then exchanged phone numbers. A quick hug and Summer scooted out the door so she could go home and discuss it with her Mom.

Grace readily agreed to the idea. She knew that one day she wouldn’t be around and wanted Summer to have a good support system in place for when the time came. Friends and family are there to bolster your spirits and lift you when you stumble.

The next day…

Story Progression Update:
Keli (daughter of Rod & Beverly) celebrates a birthday and is a teen!
I guess her birthday wish came true, she and Joss Broke are dating.
Speaking of dating, Chase Snyder-Joy and Lorena Ivanov are.
Bridgette (daughter of Kisha & Reynaldo) celebrates a birthday and enters childhood!
Margo and Jermey announce that they are expecting their 2nd child!

The weather might be rainy, but smiles are sunny and mightily contagious as families head over to City Hall for the graduation ceremony.

Congratulations, Summer!

Summer graduated as Class Valedictorian and classmates voted her Class Clown.

Grace is one proud Mom because she knows that her daughter is taking the right steps in moving forward.


This officially marks the end of Generation 5 and the beginning of Generation 6!!!

Since this is a short chapter, I will include the links to show how Generation 5 measured up and what Generation 6 has in store.

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Extra: Gen 6 Rules & Guidelines does contain spoilers! Read at your own risk.
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8 thoughts on “5.24: Moving Forward

    • Yes! I was hoping Grace’s generation could end on a happy note.

      What???! Of course they have hints of real life. The Sims are real!

      Noticed that did you? The game has plenty that parallels everyday life (and a lot of not so everyday!) so it only makes sense that I write about things I know, have happening now so it’s fresh on my mind or have experienced at one point or another and can be used as reference.

  1. Congrats to the graduate. Looking forward to the next generation. I think having her friend with her will really help her now that her Dad is gone.

    • Thanks! It’s pretty exciting when the “torch” moves from one heir to the next.

      The random rolls that Summer has to work with has me wanting to exclaim, “Fasten those seat belts! We might be in for a bumpy ride!” LOL

      Yes. Friends help support us when we’re low and encourage us when we need the extra boost to get up and get going/doing. Brianna and Summer will support one another as well as celebrate various milestones together.

      It should be an interesting generation!

    • Yes, it’s always lovely chatting with a friend 🙂

      The Class Clown was quite the surprise although perhaps her good sense of humor trait had something to do with it. Besides… who knows what really happens behind those school doors?! LOL

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