5.23: How are You?

Story Progression Update:
Gabe and Katie get married. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Snyder-Ivanov!
Widow Kasey SP-Burnette is now dating Bert Gaskins.
Angelique SP-Bagley celebrates a birthday and is a YA now!
Dorothy SP-Vela gave birth to a baby girl, Britta!

Pregnancy and birth puts strain on a marriage. Owen and Dorothy are seeing other people now. Apparently Owen started seeing others long before the couple called it quits.


It might be Love Day, but it isn’t one that Grace would have ever imagined for herself. Nothing seems to be going right.

Her new compositions aren’t ones that she’d want to share with anyone. They’re a bit more somber than her usual fare.

It might be because she is still in mourning.

It could be because she is functioning through a fog, not really paying attention to what she is doing.

She also periodically has the sensation that she’s being watched, but when she looks around she doesn’t see anyone.

But one morning, the fog lifted a little and she saw a familiar, yet not familiar, shape in front of her.


A big wave of love and emotion washed over her, bringing her a small measure of peace.

Grace began to talk… about how much she missed him… her hopes and fears for Summer… how big and empty the house seemed without Dad and him… the words just came pouring out of Grace.
Addy’s note: This is the first time the game had the ghost of a spouse show as still being married in the relationship panel. All of my other Snyder couples showed their relationship changing to acquaintance after a loved one had passed on.

Meanwhile ~

Summer is sad. Sad that her Dad didn’t get a chance to be a Grandpa or grow old & wrinkly with Mom. “This house used to be full of laughter and now we’re just two sad, weepy women”, she thinks to herself.

It doesn’t seem to help matters with her having babies on the brain.

Oh, enough with the woe-is-me already! Summer, snap yourself out of this funk.

“Mom? Mom! Let’s go to the festival and get our photograph taken.”

Grace and Summer saw a few family members so made a point to let everyone know that they were doing as fine as could be expected.

“In time the pain and sadness will lessen so that we can simply remember and enjoy memories of the man we both loved”, Grace would say with a sad smile each time she was asked how are you?

It wasn’t easy being out in public, talking about a hurt that was still raw and very much affecting both of them. However, they knew that the family meant well and cared about their well-being. So they talked and shared memories, surprising themselves when they noticed that the hurt was lessening. In time the hurt would be gone, leaving loving memories that would carry on.

The love within the Snyder family continued to spread over the next couple of days as members called or stopped by to share good news with the gals.

Story Progression Update:
Friday ~
Ahmad SP-Dean and Angelique SP-Bagley have gotten engaged!
Gabby gave birth to a baby boy. Ramin is welcomed into the Snyder clan!
Widow Kasey SP-Burnette is engaged to Bert Gaskins.
Kasey and Bert marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SP-Gaskins!
Ahmad and Angelique marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SP-Dean.
Dorothy SP-Vela gets engaged to Russel Joy.
Owen continues playing the field and was seen with Chanda.
Deidra (Margo’s daughter) celebrates a birthday and enters childhood!
Britta (daughter of Owen & Dorothy) celebrates a birthday is now a toddler!
Gabe celebrates a birthday and enters adulthood!
The honeymoon was short-lived. Kasey SP-Gaskins has passed on.

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6 thoughts on “5.23: How are You?

  1. They seem to be handling their grief very well. I wonder if the ghost will keep coming back. It’s good that family members are sharing good news with them, so that can help them heal more quickly. Good chapter! =)

    • Yes, they are. It helps that they have lots of family nearby that can provide a much welcomed “distraction” in their time of grief.

      As for the ghost coming back… time will tell. There are many ghosts on the lot vying for time out & about so I’m not sure what the percentage for a particular sighting to occur is. Would be nice to know though.

    • I feel bad for Grace, but don’t think she would start dating others or even marry again. It doesn’t seem right.

      The cards aren’t decked for Summer getting married since she rolled Single Parent with Help.

      But have no fear because you’ll see when you read more that the house isn’t empty feeling for too long. I happen to think it’s pretty lively now 🙂

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