5.22: An Unforgettable Birthday

Story Progression Update:
~Monday ~
Isidro SP-Burnette is a dad! Catrina gave birth to a baby boy, Berjes.
Gina is dating Eloy Scruggs!
Vanessa Broke (Gabe’s girlfriend) has passed on.
Chase (Gabby’s son) celebrates a birthday and is a teen!
Bridgette (daughter of Kisha & Reynaldo) celebrates a birthday and is a toddler!

~Tuesday ~
Owen & Dorothy SP-Vela are expecting their 1st child!
Gina is getting married! Eloy proposed!!!
Gabby announces that she is pregnant with their 3rd child!
Kirk SP-Bagley celebrates a birthday and enters childhood!
Ahmad SP-Dean celebrates a birthday and is a YA now!

Gina and Eloy marry. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Snyder-Scruggs!
Katie SP-Ivanov asked Gabe to marry her… he said yes!
Dylan Ivanov is dating Abbie SP-Dean.
Berjes (Isidro’s son) celebrates a birthday and is a toddler now!

There is another reason that makes Wednesday wonderful.
Today is Summer’s birthday where she’ll transition from teen to young adult!

Summer decided to throw one last slumber party in order to celebrate this huge milestone.

Grace thought this was an excellent time to stay out of the way and relax. Sure there will be a handful of teens in the house, but what could go wrong? She and Justin are within earshot.

Well… the television went on the fritz again but Justin felt he could fix it before the guests noticed.

So far, so good. Summer’s friends & cousins seemed more concerned with finishing high school than complaining about the broken television.

Angelique: “Just think, no more homework!”
Abbie: “I’m more concerned with friends staying in touch with one another!”
Summer smiled as she walked past. Some things never change.

**Crackle Crackle Zzzitt Crackle Crackle Thud**

Summer’s smile fades as she sees her dad fall to the ground.


“Justin! Nooo…!”

In the midst of it all, neither Grace nor Summer noticed that a boy had crashed the sleepover.

Joann: “This is so sad and awful. Even the sky is crying buckets!”
Everyone is standing around, stunned at what just happened. Stay? Go?

Grace pulls her daughter into a close hug and whispers in her ear, “It’s up to you. This is your last night as a teen and while something completely unexpected and absolutely awful has happened, you are surrounded by family and friends who are here for you… whether in celebration or in commiseration.”

With tears in her eyes, Summer hugs each guest and lets them know that she’s very sorry but is canceling the slumber party for obvious reasons. However, there is a perfectly good pie that one of the guests had brought and she’d like them to share it before they go home.

Oh my goodness! Summer feels the start of the birthday magic tingle.

** Sparkle Sparkle**

Hmm… I think he likes what he sees.

Happy Birthday, Summer.

While a tearful Summer was busy talking and hugging each guest as well as saying goodbye to them, Grace stepped outside to say her own goodbye.

“Justin… **sad sigh**… you have always been a part of my life and a piece of my heart. What am I going to do without you? Yes, our daughter is growing up and won’t need us as much, but I need you. I thought we would grow older together and laugh over our wrinkles. It would have been lovely being able to watch our daughter become a mom and enjoy being grandparents together. I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle this on my own.” **cries**

Without even thinking about it, Grace eats one of beans on the bush.

Feeling a bit of a sugar rush, Grace spends the rest of the evening quietly playing. Her thoughts are filled with Justin and so is the music she makes.

Goodbye, Justin. You will be greatly missed.

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10 thoughts on “5.22: An Unforgettable Birthday

    • It was a surprise when it happened and I sat there wondering… roll with it?… exit game without saving? Obviously I rolled with it.

      Yes, she is. Justin wasn’t bad looking but she definitely takes after her mom 🙂

  1. Why does EA like throwing a death into almost any party??? Darn! Oh well, I think Summer handles it nicely, and I love the appearance of a boy at their sleepover!! =D

    • It was more my fault than EA… it was raining and I totally forgot that it was. Poor Justin. He became the talk of the party without meaning to be.

      You’re right. Summer is handling things rather nicely all in all… so not what I expected from her.

      That boy wasn’t noticed until I was looking at the screenshots with Grim in them. I was like, “Where did you come form? You weren’t invited!” LOL

    • I know. I totally forgot he had been outside in the rain before attempting the repair. My bad. When it happened, I quickly paused the game and sat there in stunned silence for a moment (or three!) trying to decide if I should continue playing or exit without saving, but life isn’t all roses & bad things do happen to good people so I ultimately decided to keep it and go from there.

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