5.20: Rollercoaster Romance

The next day sparkled with promise. It was Snowflake Day as well as Prom Night!
Addy’s Note: When I accepted the free vacation, I had forgotten to check and see what day it was and was a bit saddened to discover that the family wouldn’t be together for Snowflake Day. This is the first time the family isn’t together on a holiday.

Summer woke to some good smells coming from the kitchen and went in, expecting to see that her family had returned early from their trip.

It was the ghost of Great Grandma Alice making Teppanyaki Chicken Fried Rice.

More surprises were in store as Summer learned that Ahmad SP-Dean and Angelique SP-Bagley are dating. They’re cousins, but she couldn’t remember if they were first or second or whatnot. Family trees get rather confusing after a while!

Story Progression Update:
Aja (daughter of Rod & Beverly) married Vince. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. SP-Lessen!
Margo & Jermey SP-Newbie welcome a baby girl, Deidra, into the family!

Soon it was time to go to prom.

Wait for me!

Summer and Nate arrived all bundled up in their warm outerwear… only to discover that everybody else had the same idea.

Ladies first!

Highlights from the evening…

*Summer was excited to do her pageant wave and accept her crown! Being Prom Queen felt so good!

*Wow! Summer really made a good impression on Nate with some epic dance moves!

*Nate revealed that he likes Summer a lot. Summer was so happy that she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.

*The lighting was right and the mood was perfect. Nate asked Summer if she wanted to go steady!

Summer felt like she was on cloud nine and wished the dance didn’t have to end but curfew restrictions aren’t lifted for prom night. She was glad she made it home in time… only to realize that it wouldn’t have mattered since she is the only one home!

Sigh. A prom picture taken in outerwear isn’t as special as those taken in formal attire, but it can’t be helped… the school gym was too cold for outfit changing.
Addy’s Note: I don’t like using cheats but if any future dances are held on cold days then I will adjust things a bit so this doesn’t happen again!

The next day…

The rest of the family arrived home and spent an enjoyable day catching up with one another.

Story Progression Update:
Friday ~
Isidro SP-Burnette’s girlfriend, Catrina Broke, is pregnant!
Gabby gave birth to a second boy, Shon. Chase is a big brother!
Saturday ~
Kisha SP-Irwin gave birth to a baby girl, Bridgette!
Abbie (daughter of Rod & Beverly) celebrates a birthday and is now a teen!

The family spent Saturday morning at the festival since they were unable to get their photo done on Snowflake Day.

Summer then met up with Nate and they headed out to do things that teens like to do.


Something was off and Nate ended their date early. Summer was enjoying a nice treat until she heard what was being said over at the next table…

… Nate is dating Elisabeth Lessen, another girl at their school.
Wait a minute! What???!

Then to add insult to injury she gets a text from him:
“You’re cute and all, but I’m pretty sure I’d rather pull out my own eyebrows with a plumber’s wrench.” Ouch!
Addy’s Note: Yes! She actually did receive this message IN the mail after getting home from Vibe but I felt it seemed better suited as a text message. They weren’t broken up so it’s time to have her toss that cheater to the curb!

Summer paid Nate a visit and let him know exactly what she thought about him!


The conversation went from bad to worse and Nate actually ran away from Summer so as to avoid further confrontations.

Summer stopped him in his tracks when she let him know that he couldn’t play around and stomp on a girl’s heart without considering her feelings.

Summer was mad! She was as angry as a bee and thought he should know how it felt to be on the receiving end.

Ow! Ow! Ow!
Addy’s Note: The flask was an in-game gift and as soon as Nate ran away from Summer, I knew that this was a perfect time to use it!

Summer felt much better and decided to leave before she did anything else that she might not regret.

As she drove home, Summer vowed to herself that no guy would ever hurt her this way again.

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12 thoughts on “5.20: Rollercoaster Romance

  1. Darn teenage angst and romance…love it!! =) I like the phrase “before she did anything else that she might not regret”! She is not afraid to stand up for herself, and I see why he tried to get away from her! lol Ahhh…live and learn!

    • I thought you might 😉 You are quite observant in spotting the key things that I hoped would come across when I wrote this chapter so I am going to give this one a gold star and smile really big!

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