5.2: Love Day Lovin’

Love Day brought with it beautiful weather and good moods.

Gabe and the girls were happily settled into their new place. Love is definitely in the air as Gabe let everyone know that he asked Sonia Spivey to marry him and she said yes!

Grace and Justin decided to have a brief engagement because Love Day felt like the perfect time to get married. But first, a quick trip to the Spring Festival for their family photo.

What does the Love Inspector have to say about their relationship?loveinspector_zpsgiyesorw

Oo la la!

Later that afternoon family members gathered at I Do, Do You? to watch the happy couple exchange their vows.vows_zpsxjiegan1

“With this ring I thee wed and vow to faithfully love, honor and cherish you.”ring_zpsgt9l9eyq

“You may now kiss the bride!”kiss_zpsmrxbvtol

It was obvious to one and all that Grace and Justin only had eyes for each other.eyes_zps4y5n9qhg

With there being such a large turnout, Grace hoped that there would be enough cake for everyone.cake1_zpshth0mw06

Sorry, Gina, some family members took more than their fair share.cake2_zpswalthuzt

Nevertheless Snowshoe, owned by Kasey & Kurtis, managed to find a tasty morsel.bite_zpswb7uq3n5

Everyone smiled and sighed happy little sighs as the couple took to the dance floor.dance_zpsjfougplx

Proud Papa Nate and Merry Mama Kristy showed off some fancy footwork, but none of their kids seemed to notice.footwork_zpsgkds3g79

Eventually the party wound down and everyone headed home.

Story Progression Update:
Margo Snyder-Parrott celebrated a birthday and is a teen!
Owen SP-Ivanov also celebrated a birthday and is a teen!

With hearts bursting with happiness, our two young lovers discussed their hopes and dreams.dreams_zpsu2thrchf

Congratulations, Grace and Justin Snyder! We wish you all the best!!

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