5.19: House to Herself

Story Progression Update:
Justina marries Rex. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. SP-Lemon!
Aja SP-Ivanov and Vince Lessen are engaged!

**Bringg bring**


Nate, Grace and Justin have won a FREE VACATION!
Addy’s Note: I have never allowed my sims to do this and felt that now was a good time for it… hope I don’t regret this LOL

Grace thought the vacation might bring a smile to Nate’s face and accepted on their behalf. Surely Summer can be responsible for herself for a couple of days…

**taxi horn beeps**
Goodbye Summer! See you in a couple of days!
**lots of hugs happen**

**taxi horn beeps again**

As soon as the car disappears from sight, Summer gets on the phone and invites a few friends over.

What could possibly go wrong? These are her friends and she isn’t inviting too many of them.

Summer enjoys dancing with Nate Newbie.
Dylan Ivanov enjoys dancing with Melissa Lewis who looks pretty in pink.
Ahmad SP-Dean dances with Joann Newbie while her boyfriend, Doyle, watches.

Dancing sure works up an appetite so the pizza that Summer had ordered was a big hit with everyone. Well… almost everyone… Roscoe seemed more interested in talking about grabbing a book instead of a slice.

Things seemed to be going well. No fights – not too much of a mess – music not too loud as they stayed inside and keep the doors and windows closed.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to be enough. Summer received warning that a neighbor with a watchful eye has called the police!

Summer decides that it would be best to break up the party and try to avoid trouble if possible.

Thank goodness her friends understand the situation and start vacating the premises.

She quickly says a special goodbye to Nate…

… then takes out the trash.

Talk about good timing! The officer arrived right as friends were lining up to leave.
Addy’s Note: I just noticed that the family’s police cruiser was parked in the driveway. LOL


The officer didn’t leave their cruiser and left after a few minutes. There wasn’t a lecture or a phone call to the parents. Whew!!!

Summer’s friends called and were glad to know that the officer had moved on. They also let her know that the party was awesome, verging on epic and apparently teen sims all around town will be talking about it for years!

Summer decided that doing her homework and a couple of chores might ease the punishment if any ended up being forthcoming.


She also made sure that the broken computer was repaired.

A tired, but happy Summer crawled into her grandparents’ bed. She missed her family but thought she did pretty well handling things on her own.

Hopefully her parents will think so too.

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10 thoughts on “5.19: House to Herself

    • Mitigate or avoid if she can? LOL

      Yes, she does. I wasn’t thinking about it when I wrote, but I can certainly see it now. Hindsight being 20/20 and all that… nothing to do with you pointing it out. **chuckles**

  1. That’s the calmest teen party in Sim’s history!!! My kids always end up with half the town there, even if they only invite a few…and what a mess! Summer seems to be very responsible (and smart!! hehehe).

    • Well… confession time… if you must know I get so busy with certain things that I tend to not have my child/teen sims make a lot of school friends. I know, I know. Shame on me! LOL

      **scribbles down comment about Summer seeming to be very responsible and smart**

      Got the proof now so you can’t take it back. Well… time will tell if you still think this way. I know her rolls and what they mean to the story so let’s just say it will be an interesting generation!

      Trying so hard not to spill some beans… got to keep them in their place. Stay put I say. You’re NOT jumping beans! **chuckles**

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