5.17: Life Goes On

Story Progression Update:
Omari Gallant asked Malissa Joy to marry him! Malissa is Kristy’s half-sister.
Lynda SP-Joy and Drew Broke are engaged!
Kurtis SP-Burnette passed on.
Abbie SP-Dean celebrates a birthday and becomes a child!
Kisha SP-Dean also celebrates a birthday and becomes a YA!

Kristy hears the wonderful news that her sister, Malissa, is getting married and decides a visit is in order. The first thing she noticed were all the dogs milling about, making it difficult to sit at the kitchen table.
Addy’s Note: Do you recognize this house? It is the house that my founders, Zach and Nichol, started their life together in!

They talk about getting older.

Malissa says life is good for both of them as there are plenty of things to celebrate.

Kristy: “Your upcoming nuptials are one of them! Congratulations to you and Omari.”

They reminisce for a while and then Kristy heads home. While she is en route, Grace receives the sad news that Malissa passed on.

Goodbye, Malissa. You will be missed.

~ The next day ~
Life goes on and there’s always something happening with a family as large as this one…

Ahmad SP-Dean celebrates a birthday and becomes a teen!
Lynda married Drew Broke. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. SP-Broke!
Renae, Lynda’s daughter, gave birth to a baby boy, Kirk!
Gabe, Grace’s younger brother, is dating Vanessa Broke.
Angelique, Renae’s daughter, celebrates a birthday and becomes a teen!

Another birthday is being celebrated within the Snyder family.

Grandma Kristy decides to make the cake as Summer invites her friends over.

The kids have fun talking, dancing and playing racing games.

The cake is ready and it’s time to make a wish!

Goodbye to childhood.

Hello to teen years.

Summer seems happy with achieving this exciting milestone on her life.

Grace seems pretty happy with it too!

Happy Birthday, Summer.

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6 thoughts on “5.17: Life Goes On

    • Oh, you! Malissa and Omari, both elder sims, had been dating for a while and were living together so the engagement surprised me. It shouldn’t have because I am starting to seeing more late-in-life engagements thanks to the SP mod.

      And in case you really wanted to know, she died before the wedding took place and NOT because of it.

      Summer is such a pretty sim! Mums the word on whether there is drama or not.

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