5.16: Life is Good

Story Progression Update:
Gonzalo Newbie, father of Margo, married Sabrina Churchill.
Beverly gave birth to a baby girl, Keli. Congratulations, Rod & Bev!
Isidro SP-Burnette celebrated a birthday and is a YA!
Sonia Snyder-Spivey passed on due to old age. Gabe is a widower.

Summer asks her dad if her friend, Joann Newbie, could spend the night. Justin replies that she can invite her friend over but Grace quickly pops her head into the room and chimes in that permission will be given after she has completed her homework.

Summer grabs her Dad by the hand and asks him to help her with her homework. Summer has never asked for help before so Justin worries that he might not understand the topic if his little genius needs help with it… little does he realize that she doesn’t need help, but just wanted to escape the Mom stare. It’s potent!homework_zpsszxti30g

Grace hears the carpool horn and hugs her daughter goodbye.
“I’ll be home in a few hours so don’t make too much of a mess while I’m gone.”


“Not you, honey, that was directed at your father” Grace says with a smile and a wink.

Homework is done and Joann arrives. The girls play tag and have a nice pillow fight before settling down for the night.pillow20fight_zpsbjjoevcq

For some unknown reason Joann walks right on past Summer’s room and chooses to sleep in the spare bedroom. Summer shrugs her shoulders and joins her friend.sleepover_zpssti1pn8w

Grace gets home from work and feels the birthday magic coming on… her transition into adulthood goes quietly and quickly.

Happy Birthday, Grace!grace_zpsbykihk7q

Here’s a close-up of the cuteness that was going on behind Grace.cute_zpsrldapoar

Justin knows that promotion is right around the corner and heads off to work with a jaunty spring in his step.

He eventually arrives home and like Grace, feels the birthday magic coming on. Another smooth, quick transition into adulthood.

Happy Birthday, Justin!justin_zpsah3l5xed

Justin has more to celebrate than just his birthday…
He is now a Master Thief due to having reached the pinnacle of his career.

Congratulations, Justin!thief1_zps9a2lf9n6

He gets a golden fox statue in appreciation for his efforts on behalf of the Outstanding Citizens Warehouse Corporation.thief2_zpsbgxramfh

Life is good for the Snyder family.

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6 thoughts on “5.16: Life is Good

  1. I believe I have finally mastered that stare, and now use it on my grandkids!! lol I always did love that fox statue! Good chapter, Addie…I have some ‘catching up’ to do! ♥

    • If I had grandchildren, I’m sure I would use it every now and then as well. A good balance to spoiling them, don’t you think?! 😉

      That fox statue makes me smile and I think it made a lovely self-birthday gift 🙂

      Thanks for your compliments, Marjorie… may the other chapters be as enjoyable as this one so catching up is fun and not a chore .

    • Yup. My own girl is 18 now and she still prefers not being on the receiving end of one of mine. When she was a little younger she let me know that my stare is fierce. Score one for the mom stare! Used wisely it is very effective.

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