5.15: Spooky Day Doings

Spooky Day is here once again.

Story Progression Update:
Lynda SP-Joy is dating Drew Broke

Time to head over to the fall festival and have some family fun.fun1_zpsg8aopols

First up is taking the family photo!

Then Grace suggests a friendly game of apple bobbing and the others quickly agree. However, Nate gets distracted by a cute dog and doesn’t make it over there in time. Too bad, Nate, but that dog is really cute so we’ll forgive you for being so easily distracted.cute20dog_zps0ak92lok

Then Grace sees her brother, Gabe, and indicates that there’s room for one more but he too seems distracted by the furry friends or perhaps the pie eating contest and someone else joins before he can turn around to participate. Too slow, Gabe!dogs_zps6e4xoce4

I guess that fourth person knew that he was being out bobbed because he left in the middle of the contest.bob1_zpsrufdhnsz

Sorry you’re hungry, Nate, but you could have been munching on apples right about now.

And the winner is… ding ding ding


The family goes home and spends the afternoon watching spooky movies.movie_zpskrayygyx

Summer joins and amuses them when she starts talking about the scenery and production quality. It’s rather obvious that their little genius took a lot of notes while on the school field trip to the Wilsonoff Community Theatre.movie2_zps7xr5e98x

Grandma Kristy treats everyone to cookies before Summer goes to change into her costume.

Grandpa Nate suggests that Summer writes an ode to the joy of cookies and Justin quickly looks at his plate to distract himself from laughing out loud and risking cookie crumbs going everywhere.cookies_zpsuyqirfoe

Summer skips upstairs to change into her costume and Grace helps her with her makeup.

Grandma Kristy: “Summer, are you ready to go?”
Summer: “Here comes Tiger Summer! **growl growl**”

Oh, no! It’s raining.tot1_zps0kjjnnu9

Summer heads back to the house saying that the only thing she’d probably find in her bucket would be fish.tot2_zpshtxwfxap
Addy’s Note: The game kept canceling their trick-or-treat option so I took that as a sign and let them go back inside. Poor Summer… her only chance at it while still a child and I couldn’t get the option to “stick”.

Grandma Kristy: “I’m so sorry, sweetie. You’re a ferocious looking beastie and it’s a shame your friends won’t see you prowling through the neighborhood.”
Summer: “I know but it’s okay, Grandma. The rain would make this makeup run and who wants to see a weeping tiger anyway? I sure wouldn’t! You know what would make me feel better? Let’s go inside and make your yummy kettle corn and sit around telling ghost stories!”tot3_zpszihvk1fw

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6 thoughts on “5.15: Spooky Day Doings

    • You’re always hungry whenever dessert is on the menu LOL

      I agree… those balloons are pretty and I’ve used them for a few birthday parties, but might have to consider putting them out for various holidays now.

    • Summer IS a cute kid and enjoyed spending time with her grandmother.

      I’m not sure why the game kept cancelling this action, but after 4-5 times I gave up trying. Sure game, let other sim’s kids trick or treat year round but deny mine the pleasure. Mean game.

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