5.14: French Fun – part three

Day Three

“It’s a beautiful day outside… should we go to the park or maybe try our hand at fishing?”france20_zpshzgaqzzv

“I think we should go to the museum. Instead of Summer sitting here reading about historical things, she see some real artifacts and start forming her own opinions about them,” replied Nate.

“What do you think about this one, Summer?”france21_zpsxb6xarmd

I think she likes it!france22_zps576dqgyj

Nate got a call regarding trouble at the museum and decided to lend a helping hand.france23_zpsljhkyrfv

This might not be the hand he meant to lend. LOLfrance24_zpsjxfvhaaq

It turns out that the help was a somber task indeed.france25_zpsbbvc6uos

The note pinned to the wall read, “Please, I am the curator of the museum. I was rearranging a sarcophagus in this storage area when the door unexpectedly shut behind me. I can’t escape and I don’t think I ever will. If you see this, please put my remains in the family chest near the rear of the cemetery so that I can rest alongside my wife.”

Nate carefully carried the remains and respectfully laid the curator to rest.


The nectar merchant wants to put Champ Les Sims on the map for nectar making and called Grace, asking for help.

Grace decided to apply knowledge from her high school science class to see if she could come up with something spectacular.france26_zpsmsyaz4hn

While she was waiting for various combinations to finish processing, she tried a few of the other offerings.france27_zpsth06pisx

Meliore grapes plus Plasma Fruit… Yuck!
Renoit grapes plus Pomelo… Not bad! Not bad at all.

With it being their last day together, Summer and Remy made the most of what time they had.france28_zpspyqdvqkn

All too soon it was time to return home.france29_zpsyhjqv1cq

“Goodbye, Remy. I’ll miss you and will write soon!”france30_zpsg4r2sqra

A tired but happy Snyder family returned home. Wasn’t that nice of Marissa Baum, neighborhood babysitter, to rake their leaves while they were gone? Such a nice girl.france31_zps4v8twp5i

Story Progression Update:
Terrence SP-Joy passed on, making Lynda a widow once more.

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6 thoughts on “5.14: French Fun – part three

    • I wasn’t looking to do any of the quests because it was their last day, but this one popped when they were at the museum if I’m remembering correctly. It seemed like the game wanted me to do it… so I did 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter. Not sure how others do it, but I take a lot of pictures and use the ones that “speak the loudest”. The pictures determine what happens in the story and not the other way around. SO far, so good!

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