5.13: French Fun – part two

Day Two

The next morning Nate called home and talked to his other children. Gina asked if they were going to visit the Nectary and sample their wares.

“That’s a great idea. Thanks, Gina!”france9_zpsatlsewvo

“Keep up, Dad! Gram and Gramps are way ahead of us. Who knew they could go so fast on those scooters?”france10_zps9qmcuurd

Grace thought the Raspberry Renoit Grapes nectar sounded intriguing and brought a glass to Justin. Neither seemed to have a strong opinion one way or the other.france11_zpsdxepgf4m

Nate talked to the nectar merchant about making nectar and received the recipe for French Apple ~ 5 apples & 5 renoit grapes.

After gathering the ingredients from the orchard, he handed a basket of fruit to Kristy and said, “Let’s show those young whippersnappers that we’ve still got a few moves left in us.”france12_zpsc5f1ihj8

Summer was not impressed by the barrels and bottles so she called Remy to talk about more interesting things…france13_zpshf5e8lmu

… like food!france14_zpscfs9th6h

Speaking of food, Kristy made a nice Ratatouille for dinner.france15_zpsotelclzh

Things were going well until Kristy brought up Justin’s career…frqance16_zps5sk1kezx

Kristy: “We could lose the house and end up sleeping on park benches!”
Nate joked, “Well, we could then paint some pretty landscapes.”
Justin groaned, “Ugh. What does she want me to do? A 9 to 5 job behind some boring old computer just isn’t my thing.”france17_zpsewl05jem

Grace: “All right you two. That’s enough. Time to take it outside. Let’s go!”
Everyone was a bit surprised by Grace’s statement and followed her outside.

Music charmed and soothed this particular “savage beast”.france18_zps5nc1qays

Everyone enjoyed the music and fireside chat, staying up way later than they should. Eventually… happy, but tired sims staggered off to bed.

So deep was their slumber that Marcelle Goncalves challenging An Zhi-Hong to a pillow fight wasn’t enough to rouse either Nate or Kristy from their pleasant dreams.france19_zpsf0zekrs4

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10 thoughts on “5.13: French Fun – part two

    • Thanks, Marj 🙂

      Maybe. Nectar consumption is interesting… especially if your Sim is at the nectary and you’re not watching what they grab. Plasma whatever **shudders** LOL

    • Of course, of course… washing feet obviously happens during the twirl-swirl of changing into their swimsuits and back into their regular clothes afterwards.

      I know, right?! There is a legacy challenge where they are purposely homeless, but I think I’d have a hard time doing that one.

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