5.11: You Have My Vote

Good Morning, Nate

Happy Birthday, Nate

Grace teased, “Dad, you look great… for an old guy!”

After a nice breakfast Nate and Kristy visit Gabby so they can meet their grandson, Chase.

They weren’t sure what to think about their son-in-law. Jeromy insisted on going outside to tell ghost stories, but Gabby and Kristi didn’t seem to mind.
Addy’s Note: Gotta love the outfits that EA comes up with! Jeromy, MC Hammer you are not!

None of the young people seemed to want to stay around and chat with the old folks so Nate and Kristy took it as a sign and said their goodbyes… giving Chase extra snuggles before they left.

As they drove past the theatre the poster for the comedy, I’m a Carrot!, caught their eye. It sounds like it could be fun so they decided to make it a date.

Not wanting their fun to end, Nate and Kristy decided to dine at the bistro.
Addy’s Notes: Porcini Risotto for him and a cookie for her… again gotta love what EA chose!

All too soon it was time to head back home.

Kristy: “Watch out for that wild horse, honey!”
Nate: “I see him. I wish they’d watch out for us because some sims drive like maniacs and it feels like they’re going to run right through you. Don’t need crazy horses on the road, too!” grumble, grumble

Safely back at home calls for a smooch…

Kristy obviously likes his “agenda” and casts her vote. LOL

Story Progression Update:
Rod & Beverly are expecting their 3rd child!
Gayle Ebert quit so Abner Riddick is Justin’s new boss.
Owen & Dorothy wed. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. SP-Vela!
Chase celebrates a birthday and is a toddler now! Awww… I missed it.

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