5.10: Piece of Cake

Later that morning, Justin tosses his darling daughter up in the air and chats with her about it being a special day. It’s Summer’s birthday!bday1_zpsuvtb5kqk

Kristy claims the kitchen and gets to work making cake.

2 cakes? Yes, that’s right! There are TWO birthdays today.

Both Summer and Kristy are birthday gals so Grace wants them to enjoy their special day & has planned a party.

Grace and Justin were surprised by all the food that sims dropped off.partyfood_zpswyytb05x
Addy’s Note: This is the first non-Feast party that I’ve seen guests bring food to.

Justin chats with Wendell Ivanov and learned that his boss retired. Gayle Ebert has taken his place and Justin hopes that he won’t have to clear out his desk due to the way he handled things with that pesky thief.desk_zpsei94j65b

Nate is busy catching up with his kids and no one seems to notice Gabby’s husband, Jeromy, dancing with Grace’s boss, Leilani Carranza.

It’s time to blow out those candles!

Summer goes first.
Happy Birthday, Summer!summer_zpshoadaeyi

Grandma Kristy is super excited and just can’t hide it!summer2_zpsjboytv9u

Summer is a cute child.summer3_zpszjjba1ya

Kristy’s turn.kristy_zpsgyypvzh6
Addy’s Note: Not sure why, but Justin changed clothing between the two birthday celebrations.

Happy Birthday, Mama Kristy!kristy2_zpsztmst0si

Grace had to leave for work, but encouraged everyone else to enjoy themselves.

Nate pulled Kristy into his arms and let her know that she is still beautiful to him.kristy3_zps1xpuxewn

Grace came home to a quiet house and was pleased to see that Justin had saved her a piece of cake.cake_zpsjlqvslht

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