5.1: Who Asked Who?

With the dinner conversation focused on three of the Snyder siblings moving out, Grace didn’t want to upstage their moment. Instead she listened and smiled in all the right places as she quietly relived her day…

Unbeknownst to her, Justin approached Nate and asked permission to marry Grace.please_zpszjrlpqjd

Grace invited Justin to lunch with her at the Little Corsican Bistro. They saw Gabby who didn’t hear them calling hello as she seemed to be in her own little world.bistro_zpsj0a5nt0c

Each ordered something they’ve never had before.

Grace: “How’s your lunch? My veggie burger is delicious!”lunch1_zpsqvd6bmx2

Justin: “The chili con carne is…”lunch2_zps7scrn2gy
**blows breath out several times**
**lets out a sigh of relief when the heat winds down**

Grace: “I’m glad you’re okay. I think we should agree to never serve that dish.”lunch3_zpssslu8zcm

The discussion bounced around covering various topics and then turned to gems…gem_zpsssuf6zgs

…which left Justin flabbergasted when Grace pulled one out of her pocket.gem2_zpsvwwlcv7d

Justin: “Yes! I would be honored to be your husband, but you little minx, I asked your Dad for permission to ask you and now… oh, it doesn’t really matter who did the asking. We’re going to get married!”hug_zpstym9uobk

Grace and Justin spent the afternoon practicing their steps because they wanted their wedding dance to go smoothly.practice_zpsslt3uku0

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6 thoughts on “5.1: Who Asked Who?

    • Bwa ha ha, you’re so funny! They both wear pants, Mr Smarty. The real reason is not as humorous ~ I simply have the heir do the proposing so that the family name stays the same throughout all generations.

    • To keep the Snyder name I have the heir doing each proposal, but happened to notice the action of asking for permission so.. of course, I just HAD to try it and see what happens.

      LOL You know what, I could maybe see that happening with these two.

      “Well, you got to propose first so it’s my turn to put the ring on first.”
      “No way, Jose! My proposal, my name, I go first. I AM the heir after all,” said with a joking smile and then both break into rounds of laughter since neither really care one way or the other.

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