4.14: Music to Your Ears

Story Progression Update:
Friday ~ Wednesday
Kisha SP-Dean celebrates a birthday on Friday and is a toddler!
Beverly Snyder-Parrott gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday.
Welcome to the family, Aja! Aja is the first child for Rod and Beverly.
Aja Snyder-Parrott celebrates a birthday on Monday and is a toddler!
Lynda SP-Bagley celebrates a birthday on Tuesday and is an elder!
Kyra and Toby announce that they are expecting! Kisha is going to be a big sister!
Darrell SP-Bagley celebrates a birthday on Wednesday and is an elder!
Christen SP-Burnette also celebrates a birthday and is a teen!

Chandra Joy asks Gabe home after school and he looked forward to getting to know her better, but Troy Bagley ensured that homework is all that is on their minds.homework_zpsmxbi4ium

Wendell Ivanov, Justin’s boss, stopped by and showed interest in Gina. Gina’s a smart cookie and told him to go home after finding out that he is married because no matter what he says… them together isn’t in her big picture. Buh-bye.buh-bye_zpsbcroinzd

Gabe was cleaning up and getting ready for dinner, when…
**sparkle birthday magic sparkle**

Happy Birthday, Gabe!gabe1_zpsuq6dgn4qgabe2_zpsezvtjwcr

Over dinner ~ breakfast for dinner is yummy! ~ Gabe and the girls discussed their plans for moving out together. “We’ll be able to keep an eye on one another and pool our incomes to afford a decent house on our own, without needing financial help. That should be music to your ears, Mom & Dad”.music_zpslxjpdo2e

Addy’s Note: By the time Wednesday morning rolled around, I was pretty certain no graduation ceremony was going to take place. It was also evident that Gabe’s class didn’t have a prom. **sad face** Hopefully, this is a one generation snafu and those events will happen for future Snyder family members.

Story Progression Update:
Caren Snyder-Parrott passed on and is now with her husband, Bobby.
Sonia Spivey (Gabby’s boss) and Gabe have started dating. He sure didn’t waste any time!
Renae SP-Bagley and Sonny Newbie are expecting! I somehow missed Troy moving out and Story Progression strongly discourages Sims staying alone for long.

Generation 4 is now officially done and the heir torch is passed on to Grace. The next two posts will wrap things up with “How Did Gen 4 Do?” and “Rules & Guidelines” for Generation 5.

Next week will be the start of Gen 5 stories. Exciting times!

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