4.13: Snow Fun, No Fun

The day after the triplet’s birthday is Snowflake Day. It is a day meant to be spent with loved ones, having fun.

Nate loves the drum set that he received from AlphaFen.drum_zps2pjoooyw
Download Link: Nate’s Drum

Snyder Story Progression Update:
Anderson Snyder-Swann passed on.
Margo Snyder-Parrott (daughter of Justina S-P and Gonzalo Newbie) celebrated a birthday and is a toddler!
Owen Snyder-Parrott (son of Dorian & Nikole) celebrated a birthday and is a child!
Katie Snyder-Parrott (daughter of Dorian & Nikole) celebrated a birthday and is a teen!

City Hall appears to be closed for the holiday and the notice board doesn’t mention a date for graduation so the family stops by the Winter Festival for their family photo.

Nate invited Cousin Bobby & family plus Aunt Rosie to join them for festivities.snowfun_zpsaduglyf4

Gina instead opted for talking to friends such as Athena Lessen.phone_zpsq1cdehjr

The fun came to an abrupt stop when Bobby passed on.byebobby_zpshg60yuln

Grace seemed stunned and Gabe worried that his snowball hit too hard, but was reassured that it was old age and not his snowball that was the cause of death.bye2_zpstqcihlzz

Gina as usual brooded over the hollowness of life because a rocket would eventually crash into the sun and end all SimLife as we know it.bye3_zpswwp2r99x
Notice the grim snowman? That was built by Kristy and Rosie while Gina was on the phone.

Sims went home and the evening was spent phoning various family members and friends to tell them the sad news.

Story Progression Update:
Later that night, Rosie passed on.

While the Snyder family sleeps, Jeremey and Reiley keep a silent vigil.vigil_zps60lawvzi

Goodbye Cousin Bobby and Aunt Rosie. You are going to be missed.

Addy’s Note: Sorry to be ending this on such a somber note, but the next set of pictures takes this story to a different point and I didn’t want a long post with different trains of thought vying for the “spotlight”.

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4 thoughts on “4.13: Snow Fun, No Fun

    • It is a fun one! I find it interesting that those two randomly made this particular design at this time.

      I didn’t notice it until I went looking for Gina. Typically every Sim in the nearby vicinity will rush to the spot and mourn, but not her… she had to take that moment to brood. This was my first Sim having that trait so I might have to play with that trait and see if this is typical behavior or not.

    • I agree. Could you imagine the therapy that would be needed if a snowball caused a sim death? Sorry, Gabe, but those pictures were just too good to set aside. My sims are experiencing so much stuff in their lives because of the random stuff that keeps being tossed their way, but they’re handling things like real troopers. Gold stars all around!

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