4.12: Birthday Vibe

Snow Day! There is NO School!
Triplets Birthday! Isn’t that cool?snowday_zpsjzszyj7q

Snyder Story Progression Update:
Kyra SP-Dean had a baby girl. Welcome to the family, Kisha SP-Dean!
Rod and Beverly Snyder-Parrott have announced that they’re expecting a baby!

Justin & the triplets decided to celebrate their special day by going to Vibe.
Download Link: Vibe

Gina was intrigued by Whack-a-Gnome and Gabby was drawn to the arcade hoops.vibe1_zpsuxu2fhmb

Gabby challenged Cousin Bobby to an arcade hoops contest and Gina wondered who would win.vibe2_zpskvfmqr8c

Grace and Justin decided to sing a duet.vibe3_zpsw9b7pvks
They were terrible and got booed by their audience of four. Ouch!

Time for a quick exit stage left and do something that would bring a smile to their faces.vibe4_zps354qebnn

Nate and Kristy called them home and surprised them with cakes.

Time to say goodbye to the triplet teens and hello to them as young adults.

Happy Birthday, Grace!grace2_zpsk6yxzirsgrace3_zpszdbvihs4

Happy Birthday, Gina!gina1_zpsqpwpae7jgina3_zps2nwiaup5

Happy Birthday, Gabby!gabby1_zpsmiqv50ykgabby3_zpsjigmtm0k

When the triplets were younger, it was easy to confuse who is who but one should easily be able to tell them apart now that they are young adults.

Not so with Nate. He rolled the following wishes:
Wants to see Gabby get married (only one not in a relationship at this time)
Wants to see Gina become a professional athlete (Gabby’s LTW)
Wants to see Grace become a scientist (Gina’s LTW)

The girls laughed and told him to ignore such silliness as they had plans. Big plans.

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4 thoughts on “4.12: Birthday Vibe

    • CD did an awe-sim job on this build! Glad the triplets were able to enjoy it after all… when it was gifted they were in the midst of blowing out candles, but then the game crashed so that progress was lost and their birthday day had to be re-played so gears were shifted because I really wanted them to visit Vibe.

    • The game has parents rolling silly wishes for their kids but these made me chuckle since they were actually fairly close to the mark… just the wrong triplet. Maybe that’s why the game got confused. It couldn’t tell them apart LOL

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