4.11: A Birthday Surprise

Falling snow is beautiful. Having it happen on your birthday makes the day even more special than it already is!gabe1_zps38nuubkd

Gabe talks his sisters into having a bit of snow fun.gabe2_zpsscmavfk1

Grace tries not to laugh out loud when it looks like Gabe is dancing with his snowman.gabe3_zpsqdd7mrqw

Time for birthday magic to start happening…gabe4_zpsesf8fxtegabe5_zps1qjq2nha

The little boy that played with cars, sometimes crashing them, is now interested in learning how to drive. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that Gabe will be a cautious driver.

Gabe, you might want to pay more attention to what Nate is trying to tell you regarding driving in snow and ice.

Gabe figured it all out and learned how to drive, but was surprised when his Dad left him behind and headed home.gabe7_zps7qmmjf9a

Even more so when he realized that he was out after curfew. Busted!gabe8_zpsdviwa2tt

Getting caught was bad enough, but Nate furthered his upset by grounding Gabe.grounded_zpsesyxaiaa

Gabe learned an important lesson. You may not be in the wrong, but sometimes the best policy is to be the one who apologizes.gabe9_zpsq3jtxh5wgabe10_zpsba8uupdyforgiven_zpspzywlr7o

Another important lesson… karma has a way of setting things right.karma1_zpsoqhqnm7lkarma2_zpsno4zdjou

Snyder Story Progression Update:
Christen SP-Burnette celebrated a birthday and is a Child now!
Isidro SP-Burnette celebrated a birthday and is a Toddler now!

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6 thoughts on “4.11: A Birthday Surprise

    • And laugh about it! You forgot to mention that. But she’s older and a whole lot more responsible so I don’t worry about her as much as I worry about our trying to teach her. LOL

    • Hearing that you’re enjoying this makes me smile. Thank you!

      I often find myself pausing the game and looking around because this game still provides lot of “Ooooh, that’s pretty” moments.

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