Charles wakes in a good mood, fairly certain it is going to be a good day. Is it? Read SVD 3 to find out.

5 thoughts on “SVD 3

  1. Great to see Charles getting into the swing of his life in SV and connecting with the community! I hope you’re enjoying playing the daycare profession, and are able to keep getting ‘real’ kids like Sam, not the parentless puddings. (I’m commenting here rather than on the actual update because trying to like/comment outside of the Reader just signs me out–a problem on my end, not yours.)

    • However is the easiest way for you to comment is more than fine with me, GC!

      Charles is trying to do what he can during his time off. The daycare work shift is a long one, 9 – 7, which doesn’t leave much time to do things before starting the next workday, lol

      So far, Sam and Sandi are the only two he’s had to care for. It will be interesting to see who else he gets when more get added due to promotion.

      I’m enjoying it but forgot how busy/chaotic it can get when it is 1 sim to 2 toddlers, lol

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