Survey Says …

Thanks again to all who answered the survey questions! Your responses were very helpful.

Question 1: Do you look at the Family Tree?
Responses: 70% No and 30% Yes
I removed the link from the menu bar but will continue keeping track. Am considering several options for adding it to the “Table of Contents” page (2 Times the FUN!) to give access for those interested.

Question 2: Each chapter has SP updates (births, birthdays, marriages, etc) of other family members. Do you read it?
Responses: 80% Yes and 20% No

Question 3: If yes to question 2, does the information interrupt the flow of the story?
Responses: 62.5% No and 37.5% Yes

Question 4: Would you prefer the SP update to only include immediate family members instead of the entire family?
Responses: 88.89% Yes and 11.11% No
Since these three questions go together, I looked at all of the answers to determine what happens next. I will continue posting SP updates but will only do so for the immediate family members.

Hope these changes make future readings more enjoyable!

2 thoughts on “Survey Says …

  1. I also think it’ll be a better option to keep track just of the closest family members. I don’t really get the more distant connections myself and it’s a bit confusing.

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