Happy New Year!

As some of you may know from fairly recent posts on my tS3 wall, 2017 is ringing in on a very loud note! My college-aged daughter has moved back home and we’ll be busy getting her bedroom and the rest of the house back in order before classes begin on the 9th. I am having minor same-day surgery on the 6th and recovery time with its accompanying restrictions might further limit time spent at the computer.

So… what does all this busy (but a good busy!) mean in regards to my much-loved Snyder family and their Randomacy? I’m so glad you asked.

In a nutshell ~ delays in posting new chapters.

I was already at the point where all the chapters that were written in advance have been published, meaning that I needed to PLAY the game so further chapters could be written and readied for publishing… time that had been planned/set aside last week was “claimed” by the short-notice move and this week seems to be more of the same. As for the surgery… further delays might or might not be needed.

With all of this in mind, I have decided to take off the entire month of January. Less stress for me and no quickly cobbled together chapters for you equals a win-win solution all around.

The Snyder family and I will see you in February!

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    • Thank YOU for understanding, Jowita!

      As antsy as I am to make further progress with the story, I know that doing so will cause the story to suffer. Avoiding that is more important than “pumping them out”.

    • I saw your message regarding taking a break so that means I am in very good company during this “vacation” of ours 😉

      Yes, she moved out in August and soon realized that it wasn’t a good match for either girl. I won’t air the situations/reasons but at the very end we learned things that made us realize it would have been best had they not lived together in the first place. Valuable life lessons were learned.

  1. It sounds like a very busy time for you, and it would definitely be a bad idea to add yet another thing to your plate by stressing out about getting parts up. I’m sure all your readers appreciate that your blog is meant to be a fun, relaxing thing for you to do when you have the time, and would want you to prioritise your family, health, and well-being 🙂

    Sorry to hear things didn’t work out with your daughter’s living arrangements, but I’m glad you realised in time that it wasn’t right. I know you’ll be able to make things feel very welcoming for her back at home!

    Best of luck with your operation. I hope the recovery is as quick and painless as possible xx

    • Thank YOU, GC for your wonderful way with words… you said it so much better than I could!

      Our daughter (and in turn, us) learned some valuable life lessons because of this experience. Now… we get to work on our own living arrangements as she brought home more furniture than when she left and coordinate things as there are 3 adults in the house, not 2 adults and a child (more of an adjustment for her than for us, I think).

      The procedure is a minor one, but will bring comfort as well as peace of mind when it is done. Thanks, I hope so too!

  2. Even the most prolific author has to take time off, once in awhile! And RL always needs to be put first, which I am sure we will all agree to. I hope your surgery goes well, and your daughter’s move is as painless as possible! =) Enjoy your hiatus…lots hugs and blessings! ♥

    • True and true. RL/Family always comes first… keep that plugging & chugging along and the rest should fall into place. Well, that’s what I’d like to think anyway.

      A little bit of pain with this move (sore muscles from removing wallpaper!) and time for healing and reconciliation is needed (friendship between our two families got bruised) but I’m hopeful that we can all recover from this.

      Thanks, I am quite positive the surgery will go well.

      Your hugs and blessings are truly appreciated as are YOU!!!

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