Early morning excitement

Don’t mind me or be concerned. Yes, I know I’m sitting here with a big silly grin on my face. I just can’t help myself.

Please bear with me as I mention a bit of backstory here…

mastressalita is one busy librarian! On top of her RL job, she maintains multiple threads in the forums ~ the Stories and Legacies Index, Monthly Story and Legacy Shoutouts and Weekly Reading Roundup – A Sims Stories Sampling ~ in addition to writing short stories and “The Cat Chronicles” (a fun read!) and “The Yandere Diaries” (gives me a chill!) on her own blog, Sim Stories: hijinks from the world of Sims 3 by Mastress Alita.

… mastressalita was kind enough to send a PM in early March, inviting me to submit information on “2 Times the Fun!” so that it could be included in the index…

… which brings me to TODAY

Edition #14: A Very Random April Legacy Launch-Off!
Date: 04/03/16

mentions “2 Times the FUN!” as part of its listing!!!

I’m excited! I’m thrilled! I look silly **points at face**
But most of all, I am deeply appreciative and thankful to my readers/friends who have been super supportive with your follows, comments & compliments both here and on the sims site and for putting up with a very wordy Addy! LOL

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